Jeri Anne Boren Guyton –
March 29 2023

From Jeanne Harman …

I have learned that Jeri Anne Boren Guyton has recently passed away. She developed an infection that turned into sepsis. There were complications and on March 29, 2023, Jeri died.

I do not have any more information at the present but will pass along to you if and when I receive more info.
This much I know:

Jeri was born on February 19,1942 and graduated from WHS 1960. She was currently living in San Antonio with her hubby, Joe Guyton.

I think the last time Jeri was at a reunion was our 25th. Here are some pictures that were taken at that time.

Mrs. Noah Appleton, Noah Appleton, Jeri Boren

Mary Murray, Jeri Boren

Jeri Boren Guyton, Mary Murray Lockwood, Gayla Miller Webb,
Jeanne Holland Harman, Judith Hamff Murphy, Sharon McCarthy Odell, Kay Phillips Sparks

4 comments on “Jeri Anne Boren Guyton –
March 29 2023

  1. Kay Phillips Sparks: I’m really sorry to hear this. She and I were friends but had not been in touch in a long time.”

  2. Bev Murphy Wells: “This is happening too frequently, losing so many! So sad! My heartfelt sympathy to Jeri Ann’s family and close friends.”

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