Waco Town Crier – May 2023


It’s that time again. The months are flying by!!!

Attached is the May issue of the Town Crier. A great big Thank you to all who have contributed. Next month I will have some pictures of those who were at the luncheon this past week.

Parts of the Waco area had some bad storms last night (April 27th). The hail in Bellmead was reported as large as grapefruit- 4.5 inches. Sirens went off in Woodway but no tornados. They are expecting a repeat of the weather tomorrow after 3:00 pm. We need the rain but storms, storms go away! Hope all of you are remaining safe.

Now, … enjoy the May issue.


Contents this month include:

  • From the Editor
  • From Our Graduates
  • Regarding Jeri Ann Boyton Guyton
  • Updates
  • My 80th Birthday Celebration … by David Dibb
  • Did You Know?
  • May Birthdays
  • Some Facts on the Year 1960

3 comments on “Waco Town Crier – May 2023

  1. Stan Lennard: A wonderful (as usual) Town Crier. Thanks.
    In a past Crier, I commented on the consistent smile I remembered seeing on Pat Payne’s face in high school and in the book describing the experiences of Pat’s Cavalry unit in ‘Nam. He is still smiling! What a marvelous experience he had racing 120+ mph and getting that congratulatory hug afterwards. Thanks, Pat, for inspiring us old guys to (try to) stay young and active! Age is, after all, merely a number – well, not entirely – but we know it’s not for sissies!

  2. Clara Sue Griffis Arnsdorff: Another great, great Town Crier–I look forward to hearing the news every month. I especially loved the reunion story and great pictures sent in by David Dibb….the pictures were priceless. The azaleas made the ‘party’ complete. Those of you who have never seen azaleas in full bloom have missed a beautiful experience. When we visited family in Georgia during the spring, I was overcome by the spectacular ‘show’ they gave us. If you watch the Masters tournament in Augusta, GA, you get an idea of their beauty. How fortunate David was to be able to have so many friends and family reunite. That was a lovely article. Thank you for sharing, David Thank you again, Jeanne for all the work you do to keep us ‘together’.

  3. Bev Murphy Wells: Welcome Tom Niles…I went to Sul Ross Elementary too and then on to South Junior High. Before Sul Ross my first few years- school years- were spent at Gurley Elementary which is no longer there; not sure about Sul Ross. When flying into DFW we always stop in West on the way to Waco to get the Kolaches. Had a friend (Lillie Zarinach who was from West and we went to Four C College together and she was also in my wedding. All the stories are fascinating reading about David Dibbs 80th birthday (Happy Belated Birthday David) narrative with pictures and Pat Payne’s action-packed account of his adventures. The chronicles shared are full of active 80 year-olds who are still going strong and exemplify vitality and high spirits. How encouraging! Always enjoy the fur baby stories! Fur babies are part of our family! Basking in all or your delightful contributions!

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