Waco Town Crier – September 2023

Whew! After two months, Waco got a little rain last evening. Only 1/2 inch was registered at my house, but it was so wonderful to have ANY moisture falling from the sky. The Waco area has had 55 days of triple-digit temperatures with 105.6 being the average temp for the month of August. The extreme heat is wearing on the nerves of just about everyone–and I might be at the head of the list.!! Waco is still under water restrictions because the lake is still very deficient. Here’s hoping for a wet fall.

Attached in document form is the September 2023 issue of the Town Crier. A huge thanks to all who have contributed to stories, articles, and pictures. Your participation surely makes the Crier more interesting.

Do not forget the upcoming Reunion on October 10 of the WHS ’60 class. A blast about a new class directory will be sent soon. David Dibb is doing such a GREAT JOB, and our class is so lucky to have him heading up the task of keeping it current.

Stay cool, stay healthy, and stay in touch.

Contents of September issue:

  • Regarding the Visitation and Funeral for Bob Easter
  • From Our Graduates
  • My Latest Misadventure by Judith Hamff Murphy
  • Did You Know
  • Updates
  • September Birthdays
  • Interesting Information according to The Frugal Expat
  • Pictures
  • Humor

Hurricane Idalia …


This was last evening (August 29th) from Bev Murphy Wells who lives in The Villages, Florida:.
“The good thing about The Villages, all electric lines are underground and all water have run off canals that takes the water to the ponds where in turn they use that water to water the golf courses. Interesting set up! The bad thing is unless your lot is extra large it’s difficult to install a generator because they need to be installed 20 feet away from any other building.
This morning (August 30th) update: All’s well! So far I haven’t heard about any loss of life which is the upmost importance to me. Idalia hit more in a rural area where there are nature preserves and less population. There could be flooding in that area though. The storm surge in Treasure Island caused flooding. St Pete hit too, especially in the bay area!
Cat3 at landfall
125 winds
16 ft storm surge


This morning From Pat Payne who lives in Naples, Florida:
“This turned into a Cat 3 and maybe a 4 when it comes ashore in the FL panhandle later this morning. Had some heavy rain about 2 pm yesterday here in Naples and now off and on as the bands go through. SW FL was fortunate this time. Relatively low wind of 40 mph max. No surge of any concern. Not damage to property in the area. However, September is our peak hurricane month. The very warm water in the Gulf is like throwing gasoline on a fire.”
“This thing is a monster. Look how tight that eye in as in approaches FL panhandle.”

“Just took our dog for a walk. The wind is about 20 with some gusts. No rain. People are driving to work like a normal day. So besides a heavy rain yesterday, which we needed, we all have let out a sigh, said a prayer for northern Florida, and getting back to normal.”

From David Dibb in Florence, SC:
“In Florence SC we are expecting 20 consecutive hours of rain starting about noon today. Most of that storm is still in Georgia dumping up to 3 inches per hour”

WHS ’60 – 63rd Reunion

The 63rd Reunion will be October 10, 2023 (Tuesday) at the Baylor Club located in McLane Stadium- Waco TX. The time will be 2:00 pm-8:00 pm. MARK YOUR CALENDAR. Remember, YOU are responsible for anything other than the meal at the Baylor Club.

1 Mixer
From 2:00-4:00pm will be the mixer. There will be a cash bar…you are responsible for paying cash at the time you get your drink(s). The cash bar will be open for the whole event 2:00-8:00pm. There will be chips/dip and fruit for appetizers.

2. Meal
The meal will be served buffet style at 4:00pm. You will have a choice of steak, grilled chicken, or honey salmon. Roasted red potatoes, green beans, tossed salad, and fruit salad will also be served on the buffet. Coffee/tea/water will be included with the meal.

3. After the meal- 8:00 pm
Whenever the meal is over, there will be additional time for visiting. At 8:00pm, the PARTY IS OVER and lights out. You are on your own from this point forward.

PLEASE CONTACT ROBERT WILSON for RSVP. Robert has been kind enough to set all this up so the least we can do is RSVP.

Robert Wilson
Email: rwilson60waco@gmail.com
Phone or text: 210-287-9490

Bob Easter – August 11, 2023


Robert Collins (“Bob”) Easter, Sr. passed from this realm on August 11, 2023 while surrounded by his family. They know that he is now free of all pain and worry as he has been welcomed into Heaven as a good and faithful servant. He leaves behind a legacy of love, faith, and intentional action that will continue to inspire all who loved him.

Bob was born November 18, 1941 in Waco, Texas and was the youngest of eight children born to his parents Christopher Columbus Easter and Essie Marie (Smith) Easter. He is survived by his loving wife of 40 years, Carolyn (Castille) Easter, with whom he proudly shared a blended family. Surviving children are: son Robert C. Easter, Jr. and wife Lea (Anthony) Easter; son Christopher Easter and wife Lori (Elam) Easter; son Patrick Easter and wife Jennifer (Fowler) Easter; daughter Catherine (Bowyer) Dant; son John Bowyer and wife Irene Bowyer.

The grandchildren and great grandchildren brought him so much joy! All will remember their BeBe with love: Jordan (Easter) Taylor and husband Steele along with their children Samuel and Margaret; Will Easter and wife Ann Banks (Blackwell) Easter; Alden (Easter) Lopez and husband Max; Chloe Easter; Rylee Elam; Christopher Easter; David Easter; Amanda Easter; Madison Dant and fiance Kabryn Hodgson; William Dant and fiance Paige Bartok along with their infant son Alexander; and Christopherous Bowyer.

Bob worked continuously on genealogical research and he learned his family’s American story began with indentured servitude in 1664 in Virginia. Members of the family have served in every aspect of military and farming life since the beginning of our country, which Bob recognized as honorable work to form and support a great nation. He had high hopes for the United States to continue growth with integrity. The call of his ancestors led to amazing work restoring a family cemetery in Alabama and he has collaborated in publishing the stories as well. “May your thirst and understanding of this history fill your soul with a renewed hope for the future” was his inscription. The numerous family members whom he has connected over the years were all very special to him.

Work ethic was strong with Bob, and it is a value which he encouraged in his children. He worked from very early in his youth (picking cotton, delivering newspapers on a bicycle, helping on the family farm) and learned valuable lessons from each experience. His career in the newspaper business included his position as Director of Circulation at the Austin American-Statesman. He went on to the real estate business, where he owned and operated Easter and Easter, Realtors for many years and became known as “Mr. Sold Mine” during the 1980’s. He was always a consumer advocate and sought out creative ways to improve the industry.

With all of his professional accolades and accomplishments, he would most like to be remembered for his family and for his gardening. A proud certified Texas Organic Gardener, he was at his happiest when digging in the dirt. And what perfect dirt it is! (Texas A&M said so; yes his soil was tested.) His tomatoes and leafy greens are legendary, and he was proud to grow nutritious and heirloom food year-round for his family and for the local food pantries. While he thought no one was listening, those around him have absorbed countless insights into what makes a garden grow, what plants are best companions, and what foods our ancestors ate for best health. Friends and family will always remember him when using seaweed or planting garlic in their own gardens. Bob recently reminded us that the garden was the first gift from God to Man and Woman. He found spiritual connection in the garden and especially among his friends at Sunshine Community Gardens and the Grow Together Community Garden at Gateway. Bob also donated food to and lived the mission of the Micah 6 organization, which is based on Micah 6:8: “What does the Lord require of you? To do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

Bob Easter was most definitely a humble man, and he constantly gave thanks to God and to all the people whom he encountered. No matter how he met each person, he was truly interested in their stories and he fostered connection at every opportunity. Hopefully his example can help others spread a bit more kindness throughout the world. With gratitude, the family would like to thank all those who have blessed his life with friendship and support.

In lieu of flowers, kindly contribute to Sunshine Community Gardens or Gateway Church in memory of Bob Easter.

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