Graduate Luncheon

There is so much to report after the quarterly luncheon yesterday, this calls for a Special

First of all, the luncheon was a big success!! 38 folks were in attendance even though we only
had one week’s notice. At our 60th reunion there were 42/43 in attendance so you can see
how great the turnout was. Little Red announced that he is in the process of planning a 63rd
reunion that will be held in mid-October. It will only be for a meal—anything else would be up
to each individual who attends to make his or her own arrangements. Details will be
announced when things become more finalized as everything is in the “early, early” stage.

More information and pictures here!

Waco Town Crier – August 2023

It has been so hot in Texas, there is not much else to say. We need rain so badly and a break from all this heat. Waco has had 24 days of over 100-degree temperatures with 11 straight days of the blistering heat. Waco is still on water rationing as Lake Waco is still very deficient. Everyone, please stay hydrated and protect yourselves from the sun. Excessive heat like this is supposed to be dangerous for the elderly.
Here’s the August Town Crier

  • From the Editor
  • From Our Graduates
  • Updates
  • Regarding Jeri Borne Guyton’s Gardening Expertise
  • For Rita and Ed Burnett
  • Regarding our Deceased List
  • August Birthdays
  • Work History by Howard Dudgeon
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