In Memoriam D – H

To Those Who Are Gone But Not Forgotten

In remembrance of those Classmates
who have passed on before us.
We recall with fondness the good times
we shared at Waco High School,
and toast their memory.
May they rest in peace.

David Daniel
David Daniel – February 5, 2021
Travelers Club
Mary Ann Dyer
Mary Ann (Dyer) Moffett – January 4, 2016
Future Homemakers of America, Camera Club
Jenny Lynn Easter
Jenny Lynn (Easter) Miles – October 7, 2019
Future Homemakers of America, Genheimer, Girls Athletic Association, Senior Homeroom President
Charles Eddleman
Charles Eddleman – April, 1979
Automechanics Club
William Eggebrecht
William Eggebrecht – July 5, 1980
Automechanics Club
Jack Ewing
Jack Mann Ewing – June 30, 2020
Forum, Junior Classical League, Intermediate Chorus
Amy Eyssen
Amy (Eyssen) Arnold – January 18, 2017
Darden, Junior Classical League, Pan American Student Forum, Office Assistant, Senior Chorus, English Literary Society
Joel Ezar
Joel Ezar – June 26, 2009
Sportscasters Club, Square Dance Club, Football
Gene Farr
Gene Farr – February 4, 2017
Forum, Junior Classical League, Senior Chorus, English Literary Society
Frances Sue Ferano
Frances Sue (Ferano) Burt – January 17, 2005
Camera Club, Press Club, Wacoan Staff

Virginia (Fletcher) Hammit – February 29, 2020
Future Homemakers of America, Girls Athletic Association
Ronald Fisk
Ronald Fisk – September 12, 2008
Architecture Club, Science Club, Senior Band
Bobby Joe Fitzpatrick
Bobby Joe Fitzpatrick – March 30, 2017
Camera Club, Field and Stream Club
Beth (Freeman) Holliday – March 27, 2021
Darden, Junior Classical League, Pan American Student Forum, National Honor Society, English Literary Society, National Forensic League, Library Assistant
Joe Fulwiler
Joe Fulwiler – September 12, 2014
Distributive Education Club
Judy Fulwiler
Judy (Fulwiler) Lawrence – 1970
Darden, Distributive Education Club, Junior Classical League, English Literary Society

Mignon (Furqueron) Rodriguez – October 29, 2003
Junior Classical League, National Honor Society, National Forensic League, English Literary Society
Edd Wayne Gibson
Edd Wayne Gibson – February 18, 1990
Key Club, Baseball
Janell Gooch
Kathryn Janell (Gooch) Bennet – March 3, 2010
Future Homemakers of America, Junior Classical League, Voice Club, Library Assistant, Senior Chorus
Ann Goodman
Elizabeth Ann (Goodman) Wilkerson – October 7, 2009
Future Homemakers of America, Pan American Student Forum, Forsgard, English Literary Society
Ralph Eugene Gray
Ralph Eugene Gray – June 16, 2003
Forum, Senior Chorus
Dixie Gwin
Dixie (Gwin) Graham – October 15, 2015
Future Homemakers of America, Senior Chorus, Voice Club
Benny Haddock
Benny Arran Haddock – April 30, 1992
Rostra, Senior Band
David Haferkaml

David Haferkamp – February 14, 2020
Field and Stream Club

Barbara Beth Hammond
Barbara Beth (Hammond) Dunbar – July 7, 2010
Berry, Junior Classical League, Press Club, Wacoan Staff, Quill and Scroll, English Literary Society
Boyd Hampton
Boyd Hampton – February 17, 2017
Junior Classical League, Rostra, Senior Chorus

M. Luann (Hanna) Lund
Berry, Senior Chorus
Linda Jeanette Hardwick
Linda Jeanette (Hardwick) Smithson – April 5, 1962
Future Secretaries Club, Pan American Student Forum, Voice Club, Senior Chorus, English Literary Society
Bill Harman
Bill Harman – April 30, 1983
Field and Stream Club, Track
Carlton Harrell
Robert Carlton Harrell – June 27, 2017
Camera Club, National Forensic League
Billy Hays
Billy Hays – February 2005
Slide Rule Club, J.E.T.S.
Eloise Heaberlin
Eloise (Heaberlin) Farrar – April 10, 2012
Future Secretaries Club, Junior Classical League

Perry Head – February 19, 2021
Field and Stream Club
Jan Herring
Jan Louise (Herring) Harrell – April 9, 2006
Forsgard, National Honor Society, Senior Chorus, National Forensic League, English Literary Society
Pete Hill
Robert D. “Pete” Hill – June 6, 2017
Automechanics Club, Sportscasters Club, Senior Homeroom President, Golf
Scott Horne
Scott Horne – January 12, 2019
Junior Classical League, Sportsmen’s Club, Football, English Literary Society, Baseball, J.E.T.S.
Barbara Jean Howard
Barbara Jean (Howard) Smith – January 20, 2008
Junior Classical League, masque and Wig Club, Press Club, Wacoan Staff