Tales from 7OAKS

A few months back, Mickey Lavy wrote about his memories of good times with friends at 7OAKS Ranch. The tales are full of humor and Mickey’s included some pictures.

If you’re looking for a way to spend a pleasant hour or so, check out Mickey’s stories.

Tales from 7OAKS

Lynette (Muchow) Baugh –
January 22, 2024


Bev (Murphy) Wells informed me last night around 6:00 pm that Lynette (Muchow) Baugh passed away. Lynette was so faithful to help with all reunions and to attend any WHS function that she could as long as her health permitted.

In early January, Lynette fell and broke her vertebrae and had to be placed on Hospice. She was at home when she died with loved ones by her side: Jarod (Lynette’s husband) Lindy (her daughter) and Chris, (Lindy’s husband).

Lindy and her husband live next door to Jarod and Lynette. They bought the house next door which had belonged to Lindy’s grandmother. Chip and Joanna Gaines did the remodel, and their house was featured on the Fixer Upper TV show several years ago. Lynette and Jarod and whole family were featured in the home at the end of the original airing.

In case this link doesn’t work, it is titled: Hewitt Hideaway, April 10, 2017. Bing Videos


Bev, who was a dear, dear friend of Lynette has offered this wonderful heartfelt tribute for us. 

“Lynette Muchow Baugh and I went to Gurley Elementary together; we met in first grade. Every year our school would have a May Pole dance event and the girls would dress up like butterflies and dance around the May Pole. Lynette was a beautiful butterfly and now her spirit will continue on in my memory as a beautiful butterfly.

Lynette passed away this evening, Monday, January 22, 2024. She would have turned 82 on March 8th.

Lynette was a loving wife to Jarod, who loved her dearly, and she loved her three beautiful daughters (Leann, Lorie and Lindy), and her grand-children, and her little dog, Buddy. Lynette loved the wide-open spaces of their farm and would even help mow the acreage from time to time and enjoyed doing it. Lindy and Chris lived next door to Lynette and Jarod and that gave Lynette and Jarod great comfort.

Jarod had built Lynette a beautiful guest home right behind their home where guests would stay when visiting. It was decorated retro and was almost like a museum. She knew every detail about every item in that home. It brought back a lot of historical memories for me.

When we were girls in high school, she worked at McCory’s and I worked at Kresses both on Austin Avenue, right across from each other. We were making 50 cents an hour and thought we were rich!

Lynette was a historian. She was involved as a docent at the Earle-Napier-Kinnard House but was involved in some of the other historic homes too. She knew a lot about Waco history too. It was amazing how much history she remembered and related. Lynette was involved in other ladies groups including her sorority and other functions and involved in her church.

When I would visit Lynette and Jarod, we would watch old war movies or westerns together…what fun! Lynette was a great cook and one of her specialties was marinated pork tenderloin with vegetables, sooo yummy! And, she made a great banana pudding (nothing boxed, all from scratch) too! She would get up early and have breakfast for her guests. A true B&B! She loved having her guests visit.

I was so thankful that I got to see Lynette in October. She just hugged me and called out my name. What a thrill that was!

So my dear friend, Lynette, you will live in my heart and memory. And, some day, we will see each other again! I have no doubt that she is with her Lord! Please keep Jarod and their family and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.”

Waco Town Crier – February 2024

Here is the February issue of The Town Crier. 

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Stay healthy, keep making memories, and keep sharing your adventures and experiences with the class of WHS 1960. If you find any memorabilia with classmates, send those along so all of us can reflect on days of our youth.


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