Waco High School Spirit

The Mural

From the August 1945 Waco High School Handbook
The spirit of the Waco High School is one of the things that makes it an outstanding school. Your task is to continue to improve this spirit. It is an attitude of desiring to work as you realize that nothing of value can be secured without real effort on your part. It is the idea of loyalty to our democratic government and respect for the rights of your fellow pupils and others. It involves a courtesy that is real and that is shown at home, in the class room, on the athletic field, and outside of the school on all occasions. The true spirit of Waco High School may be summed up in these words:

  • I am proud to be a part of the Waco High School.
  • I am doing my part to learn in order that I may go forth better prepared to serve.
  • I believe in and will practice the American traditions of honesty, fair-play, courtesy, and respect for the rights of others.
  • I will strive in all my actions never to bring discredit to my parents, my school, or my country.

Spirit of Waco High

(Download sheet music)
by Floyd Kymes Russell
Arranged by Lyle Skinner

We love our flag, the stars and stripes;
We love our native land;
We love our State, its single star;
For it we proudly stand.
But from our hearts a loyalty,
We give with main and might,
To Waco High, and we will fly
The colors, gold and white.


Spirit of Waco, in our hearts so strong,
Glad our voices shout in mighty song.
In battle or contest, we ever stand by you;
Spirit of Waco, to Waco High School true.

When school days end and we look back
On years in Waco High,
Our hearts will fill with memories
Of happy days gone by.
‘Tis then our loyalty will rise
Above what time can tell;
And, as of yore, we’ll sing once more
The song we love so well.

Waco High School Fight Song

Waco Tigers Fight!
Waco Tigers Fight!
Waco Tigers Fight!
(Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap)
Fight Go, White Gold
Waco Tigers Fight Go
White Gold, Waco Tigers Fight!

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