Crozier Brown

First of all let me say: DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT CROZIER. His family has requested that please, no one try to call, email, or text Crozier. He needs all his strength to battle his current issues.

This is the latest report:

Crozier has been moved to the ICU but is not on a ventilator. In the ICU he has his own nurse. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack yesterday but his heart is strong and he sustained only minor damage. Some of his heart problem is from stress and anxiety and that is one of the reasons his son is requesting that his friends restrain from contacting him.
The good news is that his oxygen levels are being maintained in the low 90’s and no longer jerking up and down.

Remembrance Service for Randy Turner

From Kathy Turner:
Next Saturday, January 30, we are going to have an informal service for Randy in Oakwood Cemetery in Waco, at 11:30 a.m. at the Columbarium where his ashes will be entombed. It will be outside and masks required so if anyone would like to attend they are welcome to come. We would love for any of his Waco friends to be there that feel comfortable attending with the Covid still looming. I don’t have Aubrey Stringer’s or Jim Monnig’s contact information, but if you could notify them and any others you think might want to come I would appreciate it very much.

Cynthia Kirkland Mazza – January 3, 2021

Robert “Little Red” Wilson informed me that Cynthia Kirkland Mazza passed away peacefully at 2:49 a.m. on January 3, 2021. As he stated, “She fought the good fight.” Robert said while living in Waco, he and Cynthia had gone to the same church together since the 3rd grade.

As Cynthia lost her battle, her daughter was holding her hand while other family members were surrounding her. Cynthia’s faith was remarkable and her family was remarkably loving and attentive. Cynthia met Frank during her freshman year at Baylor, they married, and remained sweethearts all these years.

The 50th reunion in 2010 was the last one that Cynthia attended due to different issues.  Here are several pictures of Cynthia enjoying her time with graduates. A pretty smile was always on her face.

Waco Town Crier – January 2021

Jeanne Harman saw this quote online and liked it.  It did not give credit to anyone in particular but she wanted to share it:

This year may we continue to share the genuine friendship that adds happiness and warmth to even the most mundane days.

Here’s the Waco Town Crier. Contents include:

  • From Our Graduates
  • Updates
  • Opportunity to own Picture of the 1960 WHS Student Government
  • January Birthdays
  • Medical Corner
  • Show & Tell Featuring Jeanelle Buida Bolton
  • Humor
  • Suggestion for 2021