Cynthia Kirkland Mazza – January 3, 2021

Robert “Little Red” Wilson informed me that Cynthia Kirkland Mazza passed away peacefully at 2:49 a.m. on January 3, 2021. As he stated, “She fought the good fight.” Robert said while living in Waco, he and Cynthia had gone to the same church together since the 3rd grade.

As Cynthia lost her battle, her daughter was holding her hand while other family members were surrounding her. Cynthia’s faith was remarkable and her family was remarkably loving and attentive. Cynthia met Frank during her freshman year at Baylor, they married, and remained sweethearts all these years.

The 50th reunion in 2010 was the last one that Cynthia attended due to different issues.  Here are several pictures of Cynthia enjoying her time with graduates. A pretty smile was always on her face.

10 comments on “Cynthia Kirkland Mazza – January 3, 2021

  1. Sharon McCarthy Odell: She put up such a fight! Cynthia will be sorely missed by her family and friends. She leaves behind such a legacy of love and unwavering faith.

  2. Gwen Ewing Hodges: She is now in Heaven with Jesus, pray for her family. Condolences/ she was a really special Christian, friend, mother, grandmother and wife.💔

  3. Tommye Ruth Blair Toler: I am saddened to hear this. She had so much faith and fought till the end. I had realized I’d not seen her on Facebook for a while and I thought she was maybe nearing the end of her journey. Prayers for her family and close friends. 

  4. Bev Murphy Wells: So sorry to hear about Cynthia.  But good to know Robert Wilson stayed in touch with her/her family and was able to get the info to you quickly.  Will keep her family in my prayers during this sad time and great loss for all her loved ones.  Her gentle spirit will be missed.

  5. Janene Loftis Jett: “Thank you for posting Cynthia’s obituary and the wonderful pictures.  She left a wonderful legacy through her various ministries.  Our paths never crossed once we finished our freshman year at Baylor, but I knew her well as a child and through high school.  She was an exceptional person and a gift to her family.”

  6. Dana Sauer Keifer: “Such wonderful memories of “girlhood” days.  A beautiful life lived by a beautiful lady.” 

  7. Tommye Ruth Blair Toler: I am amazed that Cynthia Kirkland’s mother is still living at 105! She was our troop leader in Blue Birds and/or Campfire. I remember walking with Janene Loftis from North Waco Elementary to their home. I think Linda Peacock’s mother was a leader too.

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