Waco Town Crier – April 2024

Waco is all abuzz about the Solar Eclipse that is to occur April 8th. We are expecting over 100,000 new folks to our area to experience this sight as we are supposed to have 4 minutes of darkness. The news stations are telling us to gas up our cars and to make sure we have plenty of groceries. All hotel rooms in and around the Waco area are booked. Also, the city is letting the schools have a holiday that day so all the kiddos can experience the event.

Make sure to have your eclipse glasses–we do not want anyone to suffer any eye damage!

Here’s what you’ll find in the April edition of the Town Crier:

  • From Our Graduates
  • Updates
  • Things We Did When We Were Young That We Regret Now
  • Did You Know?
  • Things We Buy But Hardly Ever Use
  • April Birthdays
  • Bluebonnet Pictures
  • Humor

Waco Town Crier – February 2024

Here is the February issue of The Town Crier. 

Do not forget to keep us all informed about any changes in your information. We hope to be able to stay in touch with everyone. Again, a tremendous thanks to David Dibb who keeps our directory current, to Elizabeth Bentley who keeps our fantastic website up to date, and to Pat Payne who financially makes certain we have a website. These folks do us a tremendous job. I do not know about you, but I use our website most often and I daresay we have the best high school website ever!

Stay healthy, keep making memories, and keep sharing your adventures and experiences with the class of WHS 1960. If you find any memorabilia with classmates, send those along so all of us can reflect on days of our youth.


Contents this month include:

  • From The Editor
  • From Our Graduates
  • Updates
  • Top 10 New Years Resolutions
  • February Birthdays
  • Medical Corner
  • Did You Know?
  • Humor

Waco Town Crier – January 2024

I hope you had a good Christmas and may you have a wonderful 2024. Waco weather was very nice for Christmas Day–sunshine everywhere. It reminded me of a regular fall day, but I do think Waco will get some freezes in future days to come. I just hope not a deep freeze like we had in 2021.

Attached is the January 2024 newsletter. Please let me know if you have any problems. Some received the last newsletter with no problems, but some were not able to get any of the pictures. Hopefully all the kinks are ironed out this time.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay in touch.


Contents of the January newsletter

  • Update
  • Accidental Cookies by David Dibb
  • Another Update
  • Seventeen Beautiful Places to Retire according to Money Talks News
  • January Birthdays
  • Nine Things You Should Never Do At Home During a Thunderstorm
  • Humor
  • Something Serious


Waco Town Crier – November 2023

October is history. It was a memorable month because we had our 63rd reunion.

David Dibb did a FANTASTIC job with our special directory, and he gives a report on it in the November issue of Town Crier. I feel like this may be the last call if you want to purchase one before David returns it to its normal look. There are several updates in the Town Crier to the directory so please update yours and keep it current.

I hope all you graduates know just how fortunate we are to have David tending to the directory, to Elizabeth Bentley for tending to our website, and to Pat Payne for the financial support of it. All are so faithful and current in their jobs!!! I really doubt that any other high school class has anything any better than ours. We have such a wonderful class of WHS 1960 !!!

Enjoy the November 2023 issue. Keep sending items of interest for all to enjoy. And, if anyone wants to revive the SHOW and TELL about what you have done after graduation, it is never too late. The Crier is what you help make it!

Stay healthy and stay in touch!

Here are November’s contents:

  • From Our Graduates
  • Updates
  • Regarding the Reunion
  • Some Rules for a Good Older Life
  • November Birthdays
  • Our Fall Color Cruise by David Dibb
  • Did You Know?
  • A Few More Reunion Pictures
  • Humor

Waco Town Crier – October 2023

Fall has arrived. I think Texas is finally going to get some cooler weather next week. Maybe we will have perfect weather for the upcoming Reunion.

Here’s this month’s Waco Town Crier

  • Important Message from Beverly Wells Murphy
  • From Our Graduates
  • Updates
  • Work … It’s a Wonderful Thing by David Dibb
  • Did You Know
  • Howard Dudgeon Reports
  • October Birthdays
  • A Neat Idea: Some Ways to Decorate Pumpkins
  • Reminders of the Good in People

Waco Town Crier – September 2023

Whew! After two months, Waco got a little rain last evening. Only 1/2 inch was registered at my house, but it was so wonderful to have ANY moisture falling from the sky. The Waco area has had 55 days of triple-digit temperatures with 105.6 being the average temp for the month of August. The extreme heat is wearing on the nerves of just about everyone–and I might be at the head of the list.!! Waco is still under water restrictions because the lake is still very deficient. Here’s hoping for a wet fall.

Attached in document form is the September 2023 issue of the Town Crier. A huge thanks to all who have contributed to stories, articles, and pictures. Your participation surely makes the Crier more interesting.

Do not forget the upcoming Reunion on October 10 of the WHS ’60 class. A blast about a new class directory will be sent soon. David Dibb is doing such a GREAT JOB, and our class is so lucky to have him heading up the task of keeping it current.

Stay cool, stay healthy, and stay in touch.

Contents of September issue:

  • Regarding the Visitation and Funeral for Bob Easter
  • From Our Graduates
  • My Latest Misadventure by Judith Hamff Murphy
  • Did You Know
  • Updates
  • September Birthdays
  • Interesting Information according to The Frugal Expat
  • Pictures
  • Humor

Hurricane Idalia …


This was last evening (August 29th) from Bev Murphy Wells who lives in The Villages, Florida:.
“The good thing about The Villages, all electric lines are underground and all water have run off canals that takes the water to the ponds where in turn they use that water to water the golf courses. Interesting set up! The bad thing is unless your lot is extra large it’s difficult to install a generator because they need to be installed 20 feet away from any other building.
This morning (August 30th) update: All’s well! So far I haven’t heard about any loss of life which is the upmost importance to me. Idalia hit more in a rural area where there are nature preserves and less population. There could be flooding in that area though. The storm surge in Treasure Island caused flooding. St Pete hit too, especially in the bay area!
Cat3 at landfall
125 winds
16 ft storm surge


This morning From Pat Payne who lives in Naples, Florida:
“This turned into a Cat 3 and maybe a 4 when it comes ashore in the FL panhandle later this morning. Had some heavy rain about 2 pm yesterday here in Naples and now off and on as the bands go through. SW FL was fortunate this time. Relatively low wind of 40 mph max. No surge of any concern. Not damage to property in the area. However, September is our peak hurricane month. The very warm water in the Gulf is like throwing gasoline on a fire.”
“This thing is a monster. Look how tight that eye in as in approaches FL panhandle.”

“Just took our dog for a walk. The wind is about 20 with some gusts. No rain. People are driving to work like a normal day. So besides a heavy rain yesterday, which we needed, we all have let out a sigh, said a prayer for northern Florida, and getting back to normal.”

From David Dibb in Florence, SC:
“In Florence SC we are expecting 20 consecutive hours of rain starting about noon today. Most of that storm is still in Georgia dumping up to 3 inches per hour”