Mickey Lade Perkins –
August 25, 2022


Mickey Annette Lade Perkins, 80 years old, passed away on August 25, 2022.

She was born in Waco, Texas on March 23,1942 to her proud parents of Otto Rudolf Lade and Evva Isabel Moses Lade.

Mickey graduated Waco High School 1960 from Texas Wesleyan College 1972, Bachelor of Science Elementary Education and from North Texas State University 1984 with Master degree in Public School Administration.

Mickey was married to husband Johnny Perkins on June 17, 2007.

Mickey taught in public school for 15 years. She opened 3 daycare and preschools before buying a turkey farm. Mickey was an adventurous woman riding horses, motorcycles and flying planes. She enjoyed country music, drawing, and writing poetry. Her life was full of pets including: alpacas, birds, cats,dogs, donkey, fish, goats, hamsters, horses, lizards. mice, mules, rabbits, rats, turtles, snakes and spiders

Mickey is survived by her husband Johnny Perkins, brother Don Lade, children, Marie Bishop Peel and Chris and Angie Bishop, Laura and Tommy Roberson, and grandchildren Taylor, Sydney, Beau, Makayla, Adam and Travis, Shawna and Bruce Haynie and their children Matthew and Elliegh, Karen and Dale Ganus and their children Amanda, Meagan and Brittany.

Mickey was an accomplished artist. She did a lot of the artwork in our 45th reunion directory. These were made into 8×10 prints and later these prints were sold to make money for other reunions. Mickey liked acting crazy at times and she attended all the reunions that she possibly could. Here are some pictures of Mickey having fun at different reunions with fellow classmates:

2005 with Charlotte Suttle Kleibrink 2010 with Charlotte Suttle Kleibrink
2010 as Lady Gaga 2010 with hubby, John
2010 with Jack Smith 2010 with Mickey Lady
2010 with Linda Phelps McKee 2010 with Tim Lasseter Latta
2010 with hubby, John 2010 with Gayla Miller Webb and John
2018 with hubby, John 2018 with Betty Leudeker Gatlin and John

7 comments on “Mickey Lade Perkins –
August 25, 2022

  1. Gwen Ewing Hodges: So sorry to hear this. She and John were on our 75-year celebration cruise. Condolences to all who loved her. 🙏 🙏 🙏

  2. Kay Phillips Sparks: I’m so sorry to learn this. Mickey was quite the woman and lived an interesting life.

  3. Robert Wilson: Mickey was a good friend. She lived on my paper route and I would stop afterward and we would ride her horse Nelle. Her dad was principal of Waco High.

  4. Malissa Starnes Baugh: “So sorry to hear about Mickey! I had no idea she was gone and had wondered about her! She was a dear “mess” and certainly a “force to be dealt with”. She was the “life of the party” and had so much fun and thus so did we when we were around her! Mickey added joy to everywhere she went! Indeed, she has been and will be missed!”

  5. David and Janie McPhail: “Thank you for sending this. I so wish we had known….she was always fun to be around.”

  6. Tim Lasseter Latta: “I’m sad we are just learning of Mickey’s passing. I would have attended her funeral. She was such a character and a really swell person.”

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