Waco Town Crier – November 2020

Here’s the November edition of the Waco Town Crier

Contents include:

  • Recap of 60th Reunion
  • Dedication to those Classmates we’ve lost over the years
  • Information about cold laser treatments
  • From Our Graduates
  • Exploring during he Pandemic
  • Updates
  • November Birthdays
  • Medical Corner
  • Show & Tell Featuring Larry Thomas
  • Pictures
  • Humor

6 comments on “Waco Town Crier – November 2020

  1. Clara Sue Griffis Arnsdorff: “ I especially enjoyed reading Larry’s story—it was a great example of a changed life. I especially enjoyed the pictures of his cars—the Morgan was a beautiful example of a classic sports car.”

  2. Gayla Miller Webb: “I remember Larry always had a nice car as well as his friend James Spillman. I was not really into cars but that was pretty cool. I am so happy his life is on a good tract and he is happily married. I would love to visit with both of them any time he is in the Houston or Katy area.”

  3. Re oldies: Do you remember these ?
    Dave Walsworth: “My word!! I remember every one of these. Thanks for the memories.”
    Tommye Ruth Blair Toler : “ Ahh, memories. What great times. “
    Jim Cypert (whs 61) “Yes, I do remember these. Most of them at least. It was simpler times for sure.”
    David Pettus: “This was great! Thank you.”
    Linda Phelps McKee: “Thanks Jeanne, I really enjoyed this and yes I do remember most of them.”
    Ralph Klatt: 👍 👏
    James Coone: Like….😷 👍
    Charlotte Suttle Kleibrink: “That was good memories. Made me want to dance and sing.”
    David Dibb: ”I had to download it to my big computer and play it. It’s my favorite Statler Bros song, but I had never seen it animated before. Thanks, I will enjoy it more than once.”
    Bev Wells: “Great memories! When I was home, I stayed at the Hilton which was right down the way from the old Police department building where my Dad worked so that brought back a lot of memories of remembering my Dad walking in and out of that building. On my walk up Austin Avenue, I stopped and took a picture of the old Kress’ building where I worked all through high school (walked from high school to Kress’ every day after school). I know there are condos upstairs now. I shopped in the old McCrory’s building and took a picture of the old Waco Theater (a lot of memories there) and a picture of the ALICO. Stopped at Coach’s and had a brisket meal (took as a carry out). I told them I traveled over 1K miles just for their brisket! Walking from the Hilton up to 12th street made me realize just how up uphill it was…never occurred to me that much before. Older legs let you know that. My room overlooked
    the river and cattle bridge and it was nice to be able to walk over to the Spice Village and shop. But getting back to memories…our generation has had the best memories. I always have good memories of Waco too!”

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