Waco Town Crier – October 2020

From the Editor

I want to thank everyone who expressed their appreciation for the history of the Town Crier. It thrills me that so many of you enjoy the Crier. Anytime anyone has an idea or item to be shared, please remit it. The old saying, “Two heads are better than one” is really worthwhile. I thank all of you for your contributions and anxiously wait to hear from those who may still be considering. Please keep up your good work as you help make my job easier.

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  • Medical Corner
  • A Good Test for Your Face Mask
  • Show & Tell Featuring Linda Phelps McKee
  • October Birthdays
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3 comments on “Waco Town Crier – October 2020

  1. Clara Sue Griffis Arnsdorff: I loved reading about Linda (Phelps McKee)’s many ventures—and seeing the beautiful pictures of her home.  She has a true talent for decorating. I especially loved the National Geographic framed collection–that is a truly novel idea.  I also spotted some antique or repro iron banks atop a ledge over the framed collection.
    I share the charges of being a ‘hoarder’ as I too enjoy antiques and have an antique space which needs to be replenished frequently….gives me a chance to visit estate/garage sales, but the current problems have slowed that considerably. I understand the need we both have to ‘collect’. 
    I enjoyed Chinky’s story so much—what a wonderful life she has had. 

  2. Linda Shelby Lyons: Congrats to Linda McKee for her beautiful Christmas decorations. I would love to see them. I remember the bubble lights and angel hair and loved both. I have a few ornaments I saved from my childhood but rarely decorate anymore. It’s just too much trouble to put stuff up then to take it down again.

  3. Carolyn Wolf Lloyd: I loved reading about Linda Phelps McKee.  She has had a wonderful and interesting life.  Her home is absolutely beautiful.  I am quite envious of all the Christmas trees.  I used to decorate my one tree with lots of ornaments from places we had been, but it got to be such a hassle to take them all down and store them away that I hardly put up any decorations at all now.  I guess I am just getting very lazy.

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