Waco Town Crier – September 2020

A note from Jeanne Harman …

Chinky Johnson is the highlighted graduate this month. Her career involved immunogenetics and HLA antigens. Much of her work was done in collaboration with clinical investigators at the National Institutes of Health. I think everyone will find her recap to be most interesting. I asked Chinky if she had ever met Dr. Fauci, who has emerged as a most popular and informed person during this pandemic. This was Chinky’s reply:

“I don’t think that I ever met Dr. Fauci but I was at some meetings with him. At the time, he was working on AIDS and my field of study was different. At NIH, Dr. Fauci is now head of the Department of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) which is the department that funded my research. However, at the time I was working, he was not the head of NIAID. Tony Fauci is an intelligent, talented and accomplished person. Everyone should listen to him and we would be in a better place than we now are in the pandemic.”

Many graduates have commented on how much they enjoy reading what others have done since graduation. I hope to hear from each one of you with your story–be it long or short. If you want to write it yourself, that is great. If you want to send me the particulars and have me write, that is also acceptable. Just remember: you get to okay the final article before it goes out to our graduates. So….”I’m listening”.

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    • Remarks on Jim Woodson’s talents
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7 comments on “Waco Town Crier – September 2020

  1. Tommye Blair Toler: “I thoroughly enjoyed Chinky Johnson’s very rewarding and exciting life story. Her work in immunogenetics and HLA antigens has given mankind incomparable knowledge for health care. Congratulations Chinky!”

  2. Judith Hamff Murphy: “What great experiences Chinky Johnson has had in addition to making a significant contribution to medical science in her chosen field. Wow! I always especially enjoy reading about the circuitous routes that some women took as we bridged the cusp between the women before us and the women’s movement of the late 60s, 70s and forward. “

  3. SuEllen Golden Wilson: “I so enjoyed reading about our dear friend, Chinky Johnson. We knew that she was brilliant and fun…but Chinky used all her talents to live an amazing life. Thanks, Chinky for being part of my life in Waco.”

  4. David Dibb: Thank you so much for sharing that story. So many aspects of it were interesting and inspiring. I believe Chinky had a great deal of courage to follow her interests to such unpredictable places. Going back to her Norwegian roots was a fascinating addition to her research career story. And, with all this Covid stuff going on, the timing of the story could not have been better. Although I had nothing at all to do with it, I still feel a sense of pride that so many of our classmates have accomplished so much and given generously to help others along the way.

  5. Bev Murphy Wells: Really enjoyed reading about Chinky. What a talented and interesting individual and loved all her pictures too. Keeping our graduates safe who live in the hurricane areas has been one of my concerns too! We all think about them during impending news.

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