James Maxwell –
February 22, 2023

A note from John Ferguson:
This is to let you know that following a lengthy illness, our dear friend Jim Maxwell died this morning in Santa Fe. There will be no obituary, and funeral plans are private.

For those wishing to send condolences:
Gary McLeod:
100 Rio Vista Place, Apt. 146
Santa Fe, NM 87501

5 comments on “James Maxwell –
February 22, 2023

  1. Betty Luedeker Garlin: In 1966, I was pregnant with my first son and had a temp job in a Houston School District high school. There was a older woman who worked with me that cried everyday. It was very depressing. One day I asked her why she cried all the time and she said “You will find out when you are my age and all the people you grew up with are dying”. I now know what she meant. I am so sad to hear about Jim.

  2. Clara Sue Griffis Arnsdorff: Oh no. I am so sorry. We had visited by email and FB for a while until he stopped posting. I knew he was not well. So sorry. I will write Gary. I know they were really happy in Santa Fe. Thanks for letting us know

  3. Bev Murphy Wells: I remember reading about some of Jim’s travels and knew he lived in a beautiful area of the country. So glad he was able to attend the 2015 reunion. Prayers going to his close loved ones during this sad time

  4. Bob Easter: He preferred to be called Max. I visited with him multiple times to get him to attend the reunion. He finally agreed.
    In our conversations I always called him Max and it pleased him.

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