Waco Town Crier – October 2022

Here’s the October issue of  the Waco Town Crier

This month’s contents:

  • From Our Graduates
  • Did You Know
  • Updates
  • October Birthdays
  • Whatever Happened to … Barbie? by David Dibb
  • Thirty Wonderful Waterside Restaurants in the US
  • Blast From the Past
  • See If This Reminds You Of When You Were Growing Up
  • Humor

3 comments on “Waco Town Crier – October 2022

  1. Judith Hamff Murphy: Anne Bateman Myers’ visit to Gander, Newfoundland was very interes?ng. If anyone wants to know more about the Gander situa?on aEer 9/11, there’s a very good documentary floa?ng around our streaming services somewhere. I saw it—it’s very heartwarming, but sorry, I don’t know the streaming source.
    I “second” Howard Dudgeon’s remarks about our high school teachers. I have always felt I got a really good high school education—and I made a B in my Freshman English class! No A’s for anyone.
    Your Waterside Restaurant list: Our favorite spot for years when my friends and I want to treat ourselves to a really nice lunch has been Jake’s Del Mar. The food is great and you can’t beat the view!
    I’m glad to see the new contributors to your newsletter–David Dibb and David DiVo. They offer some new perspectves.

  2. Debbie Ryan (rhs ’72): “I really liked reading about Barbie. My first Barbie had a black pony tail and the black/white striped swim suit. I ended up breaking off part of her leg throwing it up the fire escape at the school next door to my grandparents. I also liked the one about remembering the old times: black and white tv, eatng at the table and, of course, asking to be excused! I can see us sittng at the table now.”

  3. Bev Murphy Wells: It was fun reading about Robert Wilson’s experiences with the cowboys of older days and going on trail rides and giving them encouragement. Reminded me that I did get to see Tex Ritter at the Waco Theater which I’m sure many of you did too, but my fave was when John Wayne came to Waco and when he stepped out of the parade and came over and stood by me, a picture landed in the Waco Tribune. Don’t recall date but do recall that I thought John Wayne was the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life!
    Enjoyed reminiscing about the trip David and Anita took to Cologne (Koln as they call it). The Cathedral is beautiful. So glad Hitler didn’t destroy it! I agree, the train travel in Europe is phenomenal! Stopping at the Berlin train station on the way to Munich was an experience. Isn’t it amazing the Blue Danube really isn’t blue. The clear blue sky reflects accordingly though.
    A Broadway play was made about the The Newfoundland story; almost went to see it but decided on another play and wished we had seen “Come From Away” instead!
    My daughter still has all of her Barbie dolls and clothing and she’s almost 56.
    Thanks to all who have been praying for the vic?ms of Ian. There’s still a lot to do and many people will no longer have homes to return to, many of them seniors. Still more prayers needed and prayers are always appreciated!

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