Waco Town Crier – September 2021

Here’s the Waco Town Crier for September 2021. Contents include:

  • From the Editor
  • From Our Graduates
  • Regarding the 50s/60s “Down Memory Lane” video
  • Regarding Carole Fisher Clingman
  • Updates
  • September Birthdays
  • A Neat Idea
  • Medical Corner
  • Pictures
  • Familiar
  • We can all relate to the following
  • Jokes

4 comments on “Waco Town Crier – September 2021

  1. Carol Barry (Palm Harbor, FL): “I was so impressed with that beautiful bench Jim made. I had a dear friend who had that talent. He used to build stunning furniture for our church.”

  2. Bev Murphy Wells: What a talent Jim Cypert has with woodworking.  I’m always amazed at all the talent there is within the confines of WHS. Thanks for the phishing contact.  What sad news about Janene’s (Jett) daughter Addi.  Pat (Carpenter) looks great after all she’s been through and we’re hoping Dave (Pettus) will stay safe in Hawaii.  Of course, we’re all praying for Linda (Lyons). 

  3. Don Phillips: I saw my picture from the September 2021 Town Crier from the 1980’s reunion. I didn’t know it existed. Brings back pleasant memories. Thanks for the inclusion.

  4. Cynthia Copeland Studenko: It is so interesting to see some of the great adventures so many of our classmates have had; and while it is sad to hear of the passing of so many, it is good that we can remember them and the times we enjoyed together.

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