Waco Town Crier – May 2020


Here you go!! Download the latest edition of the Waco Town Crier.

Contents include:

  • How Graduates are “Living their Lives” – surrounded by the threat of the Coronavirus
  • Regarding Bill Alexander’s Story
  • More Regarding Richard Tooker
  • Having a Garden
  • Smiling is Infectious
  • May Birthdays
  • Show & Tell Featuring Judith (Hamff) Murphy
  • Coronavirus Humor

3 comments on “Waco Town Crier – May 2020

  1. Jerry Bridges: The stories of other graduates are so interesLng and moving. I am glad I was a member of this graduaLng class.

  2. Karon Shinault Jackson: It was fun to read about what other folks were doing during our “sheltering in place time” so far. I also enjoyed Judith Hamff Murphy’s recounting of her life’s journey after high school. She has been several places that I haven’t been and I’m feeling the draw of wanderlust!

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