Special Edition – Remembering Jack Martin

As Jack and I used to say- “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”  Well, Life surely interrupted our plans!!

After 4 years of dating long-distance from San Antonio to Waco, Jack had only moved back to Waco 4 months before he got sick. Much of that time was spent unpacking. Any of you who have downsized know how time consuming and exhausting that chore is. Jack moved from a home that he had lived in for 40 years so you can just imagine the work that it took to get the job accomplished.

Jack moved to Waco on August 11, 2017. On December 10, 2017, he had his first symptoms that anything was wrong when he experienced what the doctor thought was reflux. Jack found out on January 2, 2018, that he had pancreatic cancer. Everything Jack did to fight this terrible tumor seemed to fail. He was unable to have the Whipple surgery due to the fact that the cancer had spread to his liver. All chemo treatments that he tried were unsuccessful. He eventually lost his battle with this horrible disease on July 7th, 2018. I never heard Jack complain about his situation….he would only say he was tired and that his back hurt. He explained to me that the cancer was taking all the nutrients from his body.

There have been so many comments from our graduates that I am doing a special edition of Remembering Jack. I have cried buckets and I am going to miss him so very much. Thank you all for your many consoling cards and comments to me. It really helps to know others are thinking of you during times like this. Also, thank all of you who came to the Memorial Service in Waco and to the graveside in San Antonio to show your respects for Jack. I was truly blessed to have known Jack and to have gotten reconnected with him back in 2013. He was an incredible man and he leaves such a positive impact upon my life.

Jack’s family put together a wonderful slideshow that was presented during the luncheon that followed the Waco Memorial service. The link is below. It gives a little insight to Jack’s wonderful life. As one of Jack’s friends said, “Heaven will receive no finer Christian than Jack.” Truer words were never spoken.

Click HERE to view a slideshow that commemorates Jack’s life.

To read comments from our graduates, please click on the blurb button at the top of this post.

— Jeanne Harmon

Picture of Jack with some of his running buddies at our 2015 reunion: (l-r) Allan Myers, Hugh Wilfong, Jack Martin, Pat Payne, Hal Johnson


37 comments on “Special Edition – Remembering Jack Martin

  1. From Pat Payne:
    “Jack lived an exemplary life and we were fortunate to share our Waco roots with him. Damn glad we all made the reunion to reconnect. We are thankful for Jack, for his life, for the example he set and we are better from having known him. “

  2. From Randy Turner:
    “We all lost a friend. The good news is that his pain and suffering has ended. He is now free at last.”

  3. From Jan (Massengale) Foster (class of 1961):
    “He was a warrior fighting that terrible disease. He was a perfect fit for you these last few years. You two had some amazing adventures and journeys together ….Our friend Jack knew where he was going ….. and to be with our Lord is the ultimate Ending to our earthly lives ……”

  4. From Elizabeth Bentley:
    “My heart breaks for you and for his family. Prayers for strength, comfort and peace in these coming days.”

  5. From Jeannie Dickerson:
    “So sorry to hear about this and I will be thinking of you and his family and praying for some sense of comfort. Cancer is an evil enemy of this world.”

  6. From Cynthia (Kirkland) Mazza:
    “My heart and prayers to Jack’s family and you, Jeanne, and the WHS family. Words seem so shallow. But believing in a heavenly home with no pain and suffering is what we long for.”

  7. From Gwen (Ewing) Hodges:
    “Condolences- I am glad you and Jack had the years together you had / he was a great man. Each loss hurts even more as we get older. I remember talking to him when he was still in SA many years ago when I was working on the reunions and he was so nice. What shame he had that awful disease.”

  8. From Tommye Ruth (Blair) Toler:
    “He must have been a wonderful man. I’m sorry you’ve lost him but he’s at peace now and no more pain, no more cancer. You are correct that it is a bad disease. I don’t know stats but I’ve not personally known anyone who was cured of it, even with treatment. . Rest In Peace, Jack Martin.”

  9. From Crozier Brown:
    “I can only say that love leaves behind more than death can take away. Our love and prayers are with you and Jack’s family.”

  10. From Phyllis (Tadlock) Wieser (class of 1962):
    “I’m devastated- knew it was coming eventually but still wasn’t prepared. He was a lovely man and I treasure what time that Aubrey and I had with him. Yes, he was courageous and brave. The fact that he is no longer in pain is what I will rely on for peace. He was a gem and I feel blessed to have known him. Jack just doesn’t know the lives he touched. Such a super guy!”

  11. From Jim Maxwell:
    “Such sad news. Godspeed the gentle soul of Jack Martin as he continues his cosmic journey.”

  12. From Sharon (McCarthy) Odell:
    “I am absolutely heartbroken for you and his family. Jack always was the nicest person and his loss will be felt deeply by our class as well as by you. I cannot even imagine the pain you are going through.”

  13. From Carolyn (Belcher) Elliott:
    “I, too, am heartbroken to know that I have lost my “forever” growing up friend. Jack was always a special person. I am so sorry that you have lost the special friend of your life. It was terrible that Jack had to endure the ravages of such a vicious cancer. But now he will be free of illness & pain. That is all “we” can ask.”

  14. From Betty (Barclay) Flowers:
    “There are just no words to let you know how terribly sorry I am to hear this news.”

  15. From Sondi (Nelson) Pace:
    “Prayers for all…. know this is quite a blow! Will be praying for strength, comfort & peace.”

  16. From Linda (Phelps) McKee:
    “I’m so sorry. We got to spend so little time with him after he moved back, but that time was special. We are praying for you and his family.”

  17. From Kay (Albright) Hofer:
    ““I am so very sorry! I so hope he slipped away peacefully. Words are totally inadequate. The sadness hits when you least expect it sometimes and seems to come in waves. Just know that I care, and I’m praying for strength and comfort for you.”

  18. From Anitra (Harrell) Henrion:
    “I just saw your post and I am so, so sorry for your loss and the loss to our whole class. It’s so hard to accept the loss of those we love.”

  19. From Charles Ray Miles:
    “I am saddened to hear of the passing of Jack. I know he will be missed by All.”

  20. From Phyllis Brooks:
    “He is in a better place without tubes, tests, and treatments. May the Lord wrap His loving arms around you and his family in the days and weeks ahead and give you peace.”

  21. From Karol (Cooper) Blakey (Richfield class of 1963):
    “What a wonderful man. I believe all of Heaven is rejoicing to have him at home now.”

  22. From Sandra (Wooten) Overholser:
    “What a special man. He was always such a kind and gentle person. Greatly admired.”

  23. From SuEllen (Golden) Wilson:
    “John and I were really sad to hear about your precious Jack’s passing. We do know that he is with our Lord and out of pain. We are in Colorado for 3 weeks so we will have to miss Jack’s service. We send our love and are sad about the loss of a wonderful guy. John knew Jack thru Try/C at Baylor. Everyone liked Jack …a truly good guy.”

  24. From Mickey Lavy:
    “I always knew Jack to be a friendly and accepting person in high school. Even though we didn’t have a friendship, he was friends to all and I felt included.”

  25. From Susan (Harkness) Hill:
    “I am so sorry to learn of Jack’s death. I am sure it was expected, but never are you ready for it.”

  26. From Bev (Murphy) Wells:
    “Jeanne, as you know I will not be in Texas for Jack’s service but will keep you and Jack’s family in my prayers. I know he will be dearly missed by you and his loved ones. It’s hard to say goodbye. My sincere condolences.”

  27. From Karon (Shinault) Jackson:
    “Jack Martin was very well liked but even better, he was well respected and thought of.”

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