Hurricane Harvey Update

From Jeanne Harman …

I realize that every moment can be a different story….one minute all is okay and the next minute, one can be flooded.  If you hear of the condition of any of our graduates, please inform me so I can pass along the information.

Scott Horne (Houston) as of yesterday afternoon at 4:20 p.m.: Just for your information, our house and immediate area have consistently been BETWEEN the storm bands, meaning very little rain and low winds so far for us. I know many others have been less fortunate, but we are safe and dry and are not part of the heavy damage you are probably seeing on TV for Houston.

Robert “Little Red” Wilson (San Antonio) as of about 3:30 yesterday afternoon: All ss fine – had only about 1½” of rain at that time but 10″ of rain are expected Sunday and Monday.

Jim Monnig ( Jim’s second home in Port Aransas): As of this morning, Jim’s house is fine according to his neighbors.

Pat Payne heard from Don McGown early this morning.  Don lives in Houston and went to Waco Schools until High School. 

Don McGown (Houston): Things are not looking too good right now.  We were not hurt yesterday afternoon by the tornado that touched down about a couple of miles or so from our house – so that was a great blessing.  We did lose power, but only for a couple of hours.

However, it looks very likely that our house is going to flood.  Our street is now a river, and the water is rising.  The rains are expected to continue for another 3 days.  Unfortunately, our lot is very flat; our house is not much higher than the street.  So, it seems like it will only be a matter of a few hours before the water reaches us.  Please pray for us.

Bob Easter (Austin): No electricity this morning on our street and several streets behind our home. Neighbors across the street have lights. They are on a different circuit. Not sure when we will have it restored. High winds will not allow repairs due to the danger. Figure later today maybe.

Gayla Miller Webb has evacuated Katy.

Hugh Wilfong has evacuated Houston.

The condition of their homes is not known at this time.

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