In Memoriam N – Z

To Those Who Are Gone But Not Forgotten

In remembrance of those Classmates
who have passed on before us.
We recall with fondness the good times
we shared at Waco High School,
and toast their memory.
May they rest in peace.

Anne Montgomery (Nagle) Hart – July 19, 2017
Pan American Student Forum
Frank Neel
Frank Neel – April 29, 2019
Sportsmen’s Club
Johnny Norris
John Norris – December 29, 2012
Pan American Student Forum, Sportsmen’s Club, Square Dance Club, Football, Track
Lanelle Northern
Cecil Lanelle (Northern) Willenborg – September 8, 2010
Future Homemakers of America, Garden Club, Personality Development Club
Dennis O'Brien
Dennis O’Brien – March 19, 1993
Forum, Junior Classical League, National Honor Society, Nunc et Tunc Staff, English Literary Society
Stanley Don Parsons
Stanley Don Parsons – October 4, 2005
Automechanics Club, Chess Club

Linda (Peacock) VanDenBerg – May 23, 2019
Future Secretaries Club, Garden Club, Girls Athletic Association
Linda Pearce
Linda (Pearce) Guerin – January 24, 2010
Future Homemakers of America, Pan American Student Forum, Press Club, Voice Club, Wacoan Staff
Johnny Pearson
Johnnie Pearson – November 19, 2009
Architecture Club, Field and Stream Club, Junior Classical League
Roy Phillips
Roy Phillips – January 6, 2019
Architecture Club, Crafts Club
George Porter
George Porter – April 20, 2009
Camera Club, Civil Air Patrol, Daisy Chain Editorial Staff
James Rankin
James T. Rankin – March 19, 1981
Slide Rule Club, Sportsmen’s Club
Joe Ratcliff
Joe Ratcliff – September 1, 2016
Field and Stream Club, Rostra, Senior Homeroom President, Track
Doyle Richards
Doyle Richards – May 6, 1993
Automechanics Club, Sportsmen’s Club
James Robert Rierson
James Robert Rierson – May 11, 2015
Automechanics Club, Junior Classical League

Mary Frances (Rodriguez) Morales – April 16, 2015
Future Homemakers of America, Pan American Student Forum
Carol Rowe
Carol (Rowe) Gillet – 2001
Distributive Education Club, Pan American Student Forum
L.O. Rutherford
L.O. Rutherford – November 14, 1968
Sportsmen’s Club
Frank Sanchez
Jose “Frank” Sanchez – December 24, 2010
Sportsmen’s Club
Jerry Dale Sartor
Jerry Dale Sartor – December 10, 2010
Field and Stream Club, Sportsmen’s Club
Wanda Jo Sawyer
Wanda Jo (Sawyer) Price – November 20, 2013
Future Homemakers of America, Y-Teens

Mary Ann Scott – June 2, 1996
Future Homemakers of America, Pan American Student Forum, Y-Teens
Carey Ann Smith
Carey Ann Smith – August 13, 2016
Berry, Junior Classical League
John Snider
John Snider – September 13, 2005
Architecture Club, Sportscasters Club
Johnney Snow
Johnny Snow – April 2, 1971
Automechanics Club, Intermediate Chorus
Erik “Rik” Spencer – June 12, 2019
Pan American Student Forum, Rostra, Basketball Manager, Golf
Patsy Stevens
Patsy (Stevens) Anderson – October 4, 2015
Berry, Pan American Student Forum
Margaret Street
Margaret (Street) Ricker – August 8, 2010
Future Homemakers of America, Forsgard, Junior Classical League, Press Club, National Honor Society, Co-Editor of The Wacoan, Senior Chorus, English Literary Society, Quill and Scroll
Bob Summers
Bob Summers – June 1975
Music Appreciation Club, Senior Band
Rayburn Taylor
Rayburn L. Taylor – May 25, 2017
Forum, Voice Club
Dixie Terry
Dixie (Terry) Green – 2005
Future Homemakers of America, Future Nurses Club
Paulette Todar
Paulette Todar – September 3, 2003
Junior Classical League, Personality Development Club, Intermediate Chorus
Donna Todd
Donna (Todd) Hudgens – January 17, 1966
Future Secretaries Club, Pan American Student Forum
Lloyd Todd Jr
Lloyd Todd, Jr. – April 11, 1984
Distributive Education Club
Les Tooker Jr
Les Tooker, Jr. – October 20, 1990
Camera Club, Science Club
Milton Tucker
Milton Tucker – June 22, 1992
Distributive Education Club
Gary Vaughn
Gary Vaughn – June 10, 2003
Automechanics Club, Distributive Education Club
Hilda Vela
Hilda Vela – January 6, 2010
Future Homemakers of America, Pan American Student Forum

Billy Walsleben – June 8, 2018
Travelers Club
Phil Weaver
Phil Weaver – October 8, 2014
Pan American Student Forum, Voice Club, Senior Chorus
Robert Welch
Robert Welch – November 26, 1994
Field and Stream Club, Senior Homeroom President, Track
Inez Whittington
Inez (Whittington) Bederka – July 10, 2005
Future Homemakers of America, Pan American Student Forum, Y-Teens
Robert Willingham
Robert Willingham – February 3, 2012
Automechanics Club, Junior Classical League, Masque and Wig Club
Robert J Wilson
Robert J. Wilson – June 26, 2010
Automechanics Club
Sharon Wynne
Sharon Ann Wynne – March 24, 2007
Music Appreciation Club, Pan American Student Forum, Y-Teens, Senior Band, Girls Athletic Association, Wacoan Staff, Quill and Scroll

Barton Zachary – October 1, 2018
Key Club, Basketball