Special Edition – Remembering Jack Martin

As Jack and I used to say- “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”  Well, Life surely interrupted our plans!!

After 4 years of dating long-distance from San Antonio to Waco, Jack had only moved back to Waco 4 months before he got sick. Much of that time was spent unpacking. Any of you who have downsized know how time consuming and exhausting that chore is. Jack moved from a home that he had lived in for 40 years so you can just imagine the work that it took to get the job accomplished.

Jack moved to Waco on August 11, 2017. On December 10, 2017, he had his first symptoms that anything was wrong when he experienced what the doctor thought was reflux. Jack found out on January 2, 2018, that he had pancreatic cancer. Everything Jack did to fight this terrible tumor seemed to fail. He was unable to have the Whipple surgery due to the fact that the cancer had spread to his liver. All chemo treatments that he tried were unsuccessful. He eventually lost his battle with this horrible disease on July 7th, 2018. I never heard Jack complain about his situation….he would only say he was tired and that his back hurt. He explained to me that the cancer was taking all the nutrients from his body.

There have been so many comments from our graduates that I am doing a special edition of Remembering Jack. I have cried buckets and I am going to miss him so very much. Thank you all for your many consoling cards and comments to me. It really helps to know others are thinking of you during times like this. Also, thank all of you who came to the Memorial Service in Waco and to the graveside in San Antonio to show your respects for Jack. I was truly blessed to have known Jack and to have gotten reconnected with him back in 2013. He was an incredible man and he leaves such a positive impact upon my life.

Jack’s family put together a wonderful slideshow that was presented during the luncheon that followed the Waco Memorial service. The link is below. It gives a little insight to Jack’s wonderful life. As one of Jack’s friends said, “Heaven will receive no finer Christian than Jack.” Truer words were never spoken.

To read comments from our graduates, please click on the blurb button at the top of this post.

— Jeanne Harmon

Picture of Jack with some of his running buddies at our 2015 reunion: (l-r) Allan Myers, Hugh Wilfong, Jack Martin, Pat Payne, Hal Johnson


Jack Martin – July 7, 2018

Fellow Graduates:

Jack was truly a wonderful man, a Godly man, a very private and quiet man, and a very intelligent man. It always hurts me to post the death and obit of a graduate. This report is especially painful because I was so close to the situation.

Two services are being held for Jack: A Memorial service in Waco and a Graveside service in San Antonio. Individuals may attend either or both services– it is up to you and where you live or what your heart wants to do. Porter Loring Mortuary of San Antonio is handling things.

In Waco: Memorial Service is on July 13th, at 11:00 a.m. at St Paul Lutheran Church in Bellmead- (1301 Hogan Lane, Waco TX)

In San Antonio: Graveside service and Burial is on Monday, July 16th at 11:00 a.m. at Mission Burial Park North in San Antonio.
LOCATION: I-10 west at exit 552
San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA

Waco Town Crier – July 2018

An adapted version of “The Town Crier” sent by Jeanne Harman on June 27, 2018.


The Waco High Class of 1960 58th Reunion Registration Form is attached. Please print, fill out and return to Malissa (Starnes) Baugh. Only 3 more months until we meet again. Time marches on ….and it seems to be marching very quickly!

Help Us Find …

These folks are missing. Please let us know if you know anything about their whereabouts:
Contact: Bob Easter or Malissa (Starnes) Baugh
Linda Ann (Bailey) Embry
Marian Lee (Barnes) Carson
Donald Allen Cook
Linda Marie (Davis) Rachui
Carole (Fisher) Clingman
M. Louann (Hanna) Lund
Bobby Hurst
Malachi J. Kelley
Ronald Koen
Anna Louise Logan
C. Tom Lowrey
Mary Murray-Lockwood
Gerry Anne (Parke) Markham
Maxcine (Reppold) Moss
Mary Ann (Scott) Honea
Doris Virginia (Thrasher) Gamboa

These folks have not been able to be contacted by telephone. Please inform David McPhail:
Grover & Sandra Rogers
Douglas Harris
Leland Howard
Mary (Pact) Hogan
Ken Lipscomb
Ellen (Conway) Buckner
Guy Mitchell Collins, Jr
David Haferkamp–disconnected
Linda (Lord) Gentry–disconnected
Linda (Davis) Rachui–disconnected
Zeda (Cosper) Hopkins–disconnected
Eugene Gaisser–Denver No contact
John Danzeiser–no phone number/email address

From Our Graduates

Mickey Lavy sent a riddle: Why is there air?
Anyone want to take a guess? Mickey said he would furnish the answer next month.

Tommye Ruth (Blair) Toler
“I’m praying for all those who are ill or suffering due to age.
Elizabeth Bentley is certainly talented. I like her clay “geodes”. They look real. I’m glad for her photo too. It’s nice to see our classmates as they are today.
Jan Massey certainly left an estate to be proud of. It will do a lot of good”

Bonnie (Burson) Chapman
“My husband has one more chemo treatment….then we shall see what the oncologist plans next. His lymphoma was diagnosed shortly after our last reunion. Been a hectic three years for both of us. Many trips to Arlington….about an hour from home in Hillsboro. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall.”

July Birthdays

2- Donald Allen Cook
7- Mickey Lavy
9- Robert D Wilson
10- Annita (Incardona) Henson
13- Susan (Harkenss) Hill
14- Crozier Brown
15- Janell (Buida) Bolton
19- Linda (Sadler) Easter
Ambrosio Silva
22- Sherry (Robertson) Nunn
23- Linda (Phelps) McKee
27- George Karahal
30- Linda (Peacock) VanDenBerg

Show & Tell

When Clara Sue (Griffis) Arnsdorff was in junior high school, her mother started collecting antiques—especially dolls. After being exposed to her mother’s interest and collection, Clara Sue developed her own interest for antiques.

Clara Sue married Gordon Arnsdorff, a USAF navigator (trained at JCAFB in Waco), and this meant they were transferred to several different locations throughout their lives together. When they lived in North Carolina, she really widened her interest in antiquing, especially when her mother would visit them. Together Clara and her mother searched out antique shops and so often found something (of course) that needed to be added to their collections. This was the same story, second verse when she lived in DC, and finally in Omaha, NE where she and Gordon still reside.

Throughout the years Clara Sue has maintained her interest in dolls and antiques. After her mother’s death in 1992, she inherited all her mother’s dolls and added them to her already handsome collection. Clara has many dolls form the forties and fifties. Some of our female graduates may remember the Toni doll, Bonnie Braids, Madame Alexander, Little Women, and other dolls made of hard plastic, composition, and rubber.

After 28 years of being an USAF wife, Gordon retired, and he and Clara began attending auctions, thrift shops, and estate sales. They rented space in several antique malls and, at one point, had 4 different spaces. Today they have scaled down to operate only one space. Clara says her main focus has still remained with dolls, but she does have a general knowledge of glassware and other antiques. She sells on Ebay—dolls, toys, glassware, and whatever else she thinks someone will buy. She said the internet seems to be her best reference source.

This talent seems to be mostly a hobby now but Clara reports she loves doing it. She says collecting must run in the family as her brother (in Waco) has also been a ‘dealer’ in antiques and collectibles, along with many other ventures. His ‘Griffis Warehouse’ was recently featured on the DIY Channel’s show, Wood Work.

Clara, thanks so much for sharing your passion with us.

Some interesting things about Anne Nagle Hart

In doing some research about Anne Nagle Hart’s life after reading her powerful obit, I learned a few things that I thought some of you might also be interested in knowing.

Anne was married to Thomas T. Hart III.  As told by one of her sons: “My dad met and married my mother while stationed in France, at the base where my mother’s father was stationed as a surgical chief. He volunteered for his final tour.

Thomas Hart’s plane was shot down over Laos on December 21, 1972. He, along with 12 crew members of a Spectre Gunship, was listed as Missing in Action. If you wish to read more about this, you can click on this link. It will tell of his final flight among other things.

In the early 1980’s a delegation comprised in part of several POW/MIA family members visited the site of the aircraft crash in Laos. Mrs. Anne Hart found material on the ground in the area which she believed to be bone fragment. She photographed the material and turned it over to the U.S. Government. In February, 1985, a joint excavation of the crash site was done by the U.S. and Laos from which a large number of small bone fragments were found. (Taken from pownetwork.org.) This link shows all the efforts Anne made to locate her husband or his remains.

Here are a few pictures of Anne and some of her life after high school:

Road Trip, circa 1978 (as told by one of her children):

“This was around the time that my mother took us all to Washington D.C., rented a motor home upon the top of which was hoisted a giant sign concerning the 2600 un-accounted soldiers. For 2 weeks, she and a few volunteer friends circled the White House all day. The story was covered in the first issue of People magazine.”

L-R, Anne, Gillian, Kimberly, Tom, Joey, Hillary, Heather

I am the third of his six children and am including a photo of all of us, with our mother, taken in the spring of 1973.” — by Gillian Hart

A post by the youngest daughter of Anne and Thomas Hart:
The Dad I Never Knew
Posted on 3/29/09 – by Hillary Hart Sisson Tramolivia
“I am the youngest daughter of Thomas Hart and grew surrounded by the fight my mom took up to bring him home. Hopefully he was looking down on her and rooting her on in her efforts and the raising of their six kids. I have strong love for the dad I never knew.”

Prayer Requests

Jack Martin has had to terminate the new regimen of chemo treatment as his body was unable to tolerate it. He was moved to St. Catherine Center in Waco on a semi-permanent basis. Jack requests please no contact via email or phone. He appreciates everyone’s concern but says it is just too demanding for him.

If you would like to send Jack a card or note to cheer him up and let him know you’re thinking of him:
Jack Martin
1214 Stetson Trail
McGregor, Tx 76657

Cynthia (Kirkland) Mazza
Monday (June 18th), I begin rituxan, chemotherapy for thrombocypenia (low platelets, anemia, and lupus) in hopes of raising my platelets. Would certainly appreciate prayers as my 6 hr infusions start at 10 in morn. Will have 4 treatments, then reaccess.

Life for us has been nothing but blessings, a few bumps in the road but wonderful kids and grand ones and we hope this works and no repercussions from meds as I am super sensitive.
Love to all whs friends.

I wish I was close to see each of you and give u a big hug. You guys have kept the spirit of our class alive and I thank you.

To send Cynthia a note of encouragement:
Cynthia Kirkland Mazza
116 Hampton Ridge
Madison, MS 39110

Donna Roberts, wife of Gary Roberts
Gary’s wife had a stroke several months ago. She has also suffered with several seizures. Donna is currently in St. Catherine Center in Waco receiving care and therapy. She needs healing as her left side was affected. Hopefully the therapy will get everything working properly so she can be normal again. Gary and Donna have moved back to Waco.

Jim Scarborough, husband of Carol (Adams) Scarborough
Jim is at home recuperating from a fall which he had some time ago. He is also getting therapy and trying to gain strength.

Stephen Thomas Brown

This is not the first time I have had to post more than one obit in the same day. It is also not the first time that we have had funerals for two graduates on the same day.   I really hate to be the bearer of more bad news but I guess it is just a sign of our ages.

Here is the obit for Stephen Brown.  I do not know any of the particulars on Stephen’s death, either.

Bill Walselben

I regret to report that we have lost another graduate- Bill Walsleben.

I do not know any of the details but last night Pat McGlaughn Dooley informed me of his passing. I was able to locate his obit this morning.

The picture on the left is from 1960; the one on the right is from 2018.

Anne Montgomery (Nagle) Hart

Fellow graduates,

Always, when researching our graduates to inform them of a reunion, we learn of deaths.  Unfortunately this was the case with Anne Nagle.  Here is the link to her obit.

I have included her 1960 WHS pic along with pictures that were on the obit website.

Following the death of her husband, it sounds like Anne made quite a life for herself and quite an impact on others.  Her last known address was a 2015 Pensacola, Florida residence.

To quote David McPhail:  “I believe it significant that one of our school mates is buried in Arlington Cemetery.  Also, the fact that she had six children. Her husband was missing for years and she ‘worked’ for years to ensure that he was found.”

Quarterly Luncheon – June 2018

The quarterly WHS Class of 1960 luncheon will be on Tuesday, June 12th at noon.  We’ll be meeting at:

Casa De Castillo
4820 Sanger Ave
Waco, TX 76710

Please R.S.V.P. to Sissie (Blair) Shandalow.  You can reach her by email.

Hope to see you there and be sure to mark this on your calendar!!

Waco Town Crier – June 2018

An adapted version of “The Town Crier” sent by Jeanne Harman on May 1, 2018.


The Waco High Class of 1960 58th Reunion Registration Form is attached. Do not be the last one to respond….Malissa is wanting to hear from you!


From Judith (Hamff) Murphy:
“Here’s some feedback for my fellow traveling classmates. I made a reservation on-line for the Indigo Hotel. A couple of weeks later I decided I’d check-in with the hotel by phone so that I’m included with the WHS 60 group. There’s a savings of about $75 for the two nights with the group discount.
Thanks to the organizing committee for negotiating this discount! Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of our classmates in October.”

Regarding the safety of David Pettus with the Hawaiian volcanic issues:

“Glad to hear this. Was thinking of him.”
Janell (Buida) Bolton

“Glad all is well with them.”
Tommye Ruth (Blair) Toler

“That’s good news! It looks really bad on television. Thanks for keeping us posted on our classmates’ status. Blessings,”
Kay (Albright) Hofer

Latest word from David Pettus regarding the volcano (May 15, 2018):
“Aloha Jeanne,

“Mahalo for you interest, and aloha to all the classmates!

“Below you will see this morning’s update from the Volcano Observatory. It includes links to sources of information and video footage, and there is even a link to subscribe to these updates if anyone would like to stay current. Fortunately, we can still report that everything is calm in our neck of the woods. We live about 5 miles from Honoka`a, in the Hamakua District, on the oldest and most geologically “settled – down” part of the Big Island, so our location is very fortunate. In addition, the prevailing winds (which come from the East and are called “Tradewinds” because they brought trade from the mainland) are blowing the smoke away from our direction. We have still not seen any smoke or lava except on television. Keeping our fingers crossed, with concern for the many people who have lost their homes about 75 miles south of us. Some geologists say there could be a significantly larger event in the near future, and this could be of concern to us; however, for now we are just counting our blessings.

“In Gratefulness,”
Sherry and Dave Pettus
Honokaa, HI

U.S. Geological Survey
Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 9:41 AM HST (Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 19:41 UTC)

19°25’16” N 155°17’13” W, Summit Elevation 4091 ft (1247 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: WARNING
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

Kīlauea Volcano Summit

Ash emission from the Overlook crater within Halemaumau has generally increased this morning compared to previous days. Although varying in intensity, at times the plume contains enough ash to be gray in color. The cloud is rising an estimated 3 to 4,000 feet above the ground, but altitudes are varying with pulses of emission. The ash cloud is drifting generally west and southwest from the Kilauea summit and ashfall is occurring in the Ka’u Desert. Communities downwind are likely to receive ashfall today and should take necessary precautions.

The National Weather Service has issued a Special Weather Statement regarding ashfall, please see: http://www.prh.noaa.gov/hnl/

For information on the hazards of volcanic ash and how to prepare your home or business, please see: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanic_ash/

Earthquake activity in the summit remains elevated with several strongly felt events at HVO today. Most of these earthquakes are related to the ongoing subsidence of the summit area and earthquakes beneath the south flank of the volcano.

For information on volcanic ash, please see: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanic_ash/


Activity Summary also available by phone: (808) 967-8862

Subscribe to these messages: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/vns2/

Webcam images: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/kilauea/multimedia_webcams.html

Photos/Video: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/kilauea/multimedia_chronology.html

Lava Flow Maps: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/kilauea/multimedia_maps.html

Definitions of terms used in update: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/kilauea/extra/definitions.pdf

Overview of Kīlauea summit (Halemaʻumaʻu) and East Rift Zone (Puʻu ʻŌʻō ) eruptions:

Summary of volcanic hazards from Kīlauea eruptions:

Recent Earthquakes in Hawai’i (map and list):

Explanation of Volcano Alert Levels and Aviation Color Codes:

Sondi (Nelson) Pace reports important news about the Massey Foundation that is being formed from the estate funds of our graduate, Jan Massey.

Please know that there is no request for any money! The foundation is to keep alive the dreams and purposes that Jan would want to carry on! There is a hall (Springfield Hall) being built in Limestone County right now with her foundation funds that will open next fall. It will serve the local community for cultural, inspirational, artistic, political, environmental, etc. events that Jan’s dreams would support. It will have a rustic hill county theme and be for the local people to use for art shows, craft shows, speakers, music, and local events. It will have a large main room, kitchen, covered patio, bathrooms, and be on several beautiful acres!

Jan Massey’s niece (and namesake) Jana Raymond has formed this in Jan’s honor with her inheritance and instructions. There is a newsletter of which you can subscribe to on the Foundation’s web page. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will get updates via email on its progress and plans! Check it out.


Allan Myers has sold his home in Ohio and has moved to assisted living. He said he absolutely loves it. He gets meals delivered to his room if he wants, he can go to the dining room, and there are all kinds of activities, outings, movie theater and more.

Aren’t these golden years great? I recently landed in the hospital with heart and respiratory failure. The congestive heart failure is progressing and continues to be a little worse and more difficult to return from each hospitalization. I had sinus and ear surgery two weeks ago, and the cardiologist thinks that precipitated the heart and respiratory failure. It doesn’t look like any further surgeries will be possible. I’m too high risk. This time it was a little over a year between hospitalizations.
Kay (Albright) Hofer

After three months of chemo, Jack Martin‘s CT scan revealed several areas of metastasis. The doctors are changing up his drug regimen and will recheck in another 3 months. Please keep Jack in your prayers.

Bob Easter is recovering from gall bladder surgery. I am told he is behaving himself by limiting his activities. To my knowledge he has not been out to the garden to work but I feel certain that is on his list before too long.

Others who need special prayers: Norma (Cissell) Smith, Lynette (Muchow) Baugh, David Peeples, Darrell Gill


6 – Erik Spencer
11 – Dorothy (Bryan) McCook
28 – Allan Myers


Our website guru, Elizabeth Bentley, likes to “play in the mud.” Translated: She is a potter.

Elizabeth has had pieces displayed at the State Fair of Texas (she has a drawerful of ribbons) and also pieces accepted into the juried show sponsored by the Creative Arts Center at the Mary Tomas gallery.

This year, one of Elizabeth’s pieces, “Uncommon Stones” was accepted into ART214, which was a citywide juried exhibition to celebrate art month in April. This was the first year that Dallas hosted this exhibition and there were over 700 entries. Only 192 were chosen for exhibition and displayed at 4 different venues in Dallas: the Bath House Cultural Center, the South Dallas Cultural Center, the Latino Cultural Center, and the Oak Cliff Cultural Center.

Elizabeth’s piece was on display at the Latino Cultural Center from April 12 – May 25. Pictured are her “Uncommon Stones”. Actually, these are not stones at all. They resemble geodes but instead are made of clay, glaze, stains and glass. “Uncommon Stones” is a perfect description for this work of art. Doesn’t it look like the real thing??? Congratulations, Elizabeth!!

To see what else Elizabeth does with the mud, check out her website: http://www.designwiz.com/