Waco Town Crier – May 2024

It is time already for another issue of the Town Crier.

I hope all of you have escaped the bad weather that has been rolling through the good ole USA. Wacoans still remember the tornado of 1953 that killed 119 people and left so much destruction. We can surely sympathize with those in Nebraska and Oklahoma and other parts who have recently experienced the devastation of such inclement weather.

Enjoy the May 2024 issue. Please remember to share with us trips you might have taken, memorabilia you might have run across in decluttering or moving, or any items of interest we might enjoy. Your participation helps to make the Crier interesting and remain in existence.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay in touch!

Town Crier Contents:

  • From Our Classmates
  • The Total Eclipse Recap by David Dibb
  • May Birthdays
  • What I Have Learned (1998 publication in Ann Landers’ column)
  • Money Talks News
  • Did You Know? (Howard Dudgeon Trivia)
  • Pictures
  • Medical Humor for Seniors


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