Waco Town Crier – April 2022

Graduates, I am so excited to let you know that this month we have heard from several who have contributed to the new segment of the Crier: DID YOU KNOW? I am hoping that in the months to come, we will hear from many more. Our graduates love to read what other graduates are doing or have done. You can tell us one thing or more…. or if we really get lucky, you will relate what all you have done since high school graduation.

Very exciting news for the May issue will be the revival of the SHOW AND TELL segment as Jim Monnig has been so kind to tell us what he has done since graduation. I am sure the experiences that he relates will just be a “drop in the bucket” as Jim is very colorful and has many stories to tell. However, I promise whatever he says will be entertaining!! Currently, Jim is working on getting pictures together for the article.

I hope everyone can stay safe from all the spring storms that seem to ravage our country during this season. We need the rain so badly but not the destruction.

Now, hope you will enjoy this month’s Town Crier. And keep in mind to be someone who will share something interesting about yourself with our classmates….by words or pictures. Remember, YOU are the Town Crier.

Again, thanks so much to all who have shared with us. Keep letting us hear from you. And be sure to respond to Robert Wilson regarding the 80th Birthday Party – Robert has some information on it in this month’s Crier.

Peace and Love,

Enjoy this month’s Waco Town Crier

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