Anne Montgomery (Nagle) Hart

Fellow graduates,

Always, when researching our graduates to inform them of a reunion, we learn of deaths.  Unfortunately this was the case with Anne Nagle.  Here is the link to her obit.

I have included her 1960 WHS pic along with pictures that were on the obit website.

Following the death of her husband, it sounds like Anne made quite a life for herself and quite an impact on others.  Her last known address was a 2015 Pensacola, Florida residence.

To quote David McPhail:  “I believe it significant that one of our school mates is buried in Arlington Cemetery.  Also, the fact that she had six children. Her husband was missing for years and she ‘worked’ for years to ensure that he was found.”

8 comments on “Anne Montgomery (Nagle) Hart

  1. From Kay (Phillips) Sparks
    “I really hate to hear this. She was a dear friend of mine but we lost touch.”

  2. From Pat Payne
    “Jeanne, thanks for working so hard to not only inform us of our classmates loss but how they lived their lives. Anne’s is another powerful story of how well our classmates did in this life. Her family must be so very proud of her. While other high school classes undoubtedly feel the same way, WHS 60 is certainly among the special because of the times (Korean and Vietnam wars) we grew up in and how the Waco community, our parents, teachers and friends shaped our values and love of country.”

  3. From Kay (Albright) Hofer
    “Ann is certainly representative of a life well lived! She will be missed by many. For any of you that have negotiated the military benefits bureaucracy, you can appreciate that she undoubtedly offered hope in navigating a red tape morass!”

  4. From Bev (Murphy) Wells
    “It was sad to hear about Ann. Ann is to be saluted for serving her country and for raising six children as a single mother. Her love for our vets is to be commended! As a class, we are honored to have her in our memory! She will be missed by her loved ones, those who knew her and the world! What a legacy!”

  5. From Betty (Barkley) Flowers
    “I do remember Anne & always thought she was just darling, even though I didn’t know her well. Goodness, what a life story & her obit was so impressive.
    I cannot imagine rearing 6 children basically by herself! She seemed like the sort of person that would have made many dear friends with other wives whose husbands were also in Vietnam & they would all have helped each other.”

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