Hurricane Harvey & Our Graduates

From Jeanne Harman …

Good news from some of our graduates who have been “in harm’s way”.  Thank you so much for sharing your updates!!

Robert ‘Little Red’ Wilson (San Antonio) as of Sunday afternoon: Still good– few limbs broken, 5 inches of rain. No flooding in my area yet.
Scott Horne  (Houston)– as of Sunday afternoon: Experiencing huge rain downpours but remain dry and with power. Heavy rain is continuing. We probably could not get out of our neighborhood but have no plans or need to go anywhere. So far, our immediate families in Houston (Woodlands, Cypress) are fine and staying in their homes. 12+ inches rain overnight and today in our N Houston area.
Carolyn Wolf Lloyd (Round Rock) as of Sunday afternoon: I’m okay here in Round Rock. The retention pond behind my house is doing its job. Have not lost power at all so far. I’ve been listening to 740 KTRH on iHeart radio. They’ve been broadcasting nonstop since 11am Friday. Doing an amazing job with “telephone radar.” People calling in from all over the area to give updates about water situation in their locations. Praying for those in Houston now and for the very long recovery ahead. Also for those along the rivers in Bastrop, Lee and Hays counties. Flooding in those areas now. Harvey, the Horrible can’t leave too soon.
Carol Hodges Bright (Houston): Thank you for your concern and prayers.  My husband and I are doing fine so far.  We live fairly close to Cypress Creek, but it looks like we will make it thorough without flooding.  Our prayers are with those less fortunate.
Anitra Harrell Henrion(Cypress): I am fine so far. I have had about 15 or 16 inches of rain with more to come. I heard from Cathey (White Land) today and she also is ok so far. We’ve really been lucky

Gayla Miller Webb (Katy): Gayla has spoken with her neighbor who says all is fine with Gayla’s house so far; however, the street is covered in water so things can always change very quickly.
Malissa Starnes Baugh: Our daughter and family are safe so far but bayou behind their home is rising!  Electricity off yesterday but back on now!  Hope they are smart enough to stay put!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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