Waco Town Crier – February 2023

January is going out with an artic punch for us in Texas. We are expected to get freezing rain/sleet – maybe even snow in some places- for the next few days. Here in Waco we are under a winter weather warning for the next several days. I hope everyone everywhere will keep their electricity. I still remember the Great Texas freeze of 2021. Brrr, it was cold then. I was told stories from many regarding their damage due to frozen and burst pipes.
Stay safe and warm.

Here is the February 2023 issue of the Town Crier. Do not forget to share articles or items of interest with all of us. 2023 seems to be marching on as quickly as did 2022.


Topics this month:

  • From Our Graduates
  • Regarding the “Happy New Year” Video from Terrell Reagan
  • Updates
  • Regarding John Schwetman
  • February Birthdays
  • Quarterly Luncheon
  • Whatever Happened to … Moon Pies? by David Dibb
  • Memories of RC Cola
  • Lovely Suggestions
  • Did You Know?

9 comments on “Waco Town Crier – February 2023

  1. Betty Luedeker Gatlin: “Howard has a fantastic memory.  His details are amazing.  Love David Dibb’s articles.  Especially loved Jim’s story about Hector since I have adopted so many dogs that were dropped off “in the country” by lovely people.  That event is not so frequent these days.  I am hoping that it is because there are a lot more people who will take them in and love them.  I only have one now.”

  2. Larry Thomas: “I appreciate all the effort you put into keeping the class connected through the newsletter. There is an incredible balance of news, some good, some sad mixed with humor and memories. When I tell my friends about the Waco Town Crier, they are impressed and envious. I don’t know of anyone among my senior citizen friends who have anything comparable.”

  3. David Dibb: “We enjoyed Jim’s story about Hector. I bet that would be a great series if you could encourage others to send you their pet stories.”

  4. Jim Cypert- WHS (’61)-“I really enjoyed Howard Dudgeon’s remembrances. I actually remembered nearly all of the things mentioned about OLD WACO. I guess I am old Waco, also.”

  5. Jerry Bridges: “I worked part-time for HEB at 18th and Austin after school and on Saturdays.  I enjoyed a Moon Pie and an RC Cola on my breaks.  For some reason, RC Cola tasted better with Moon Pie than either Coca Cola or Pepsi.  As a checker I made ninety cents per hour, so a Moon Pie and an RC were cheap as well as good. At that time I was six feet tall and weighed 130 pounds, so I was able to enjoy this treat without any effect on my beltline.  Such is not the case now.
    Wonderful memories of a time long past but fresh in my memory.”

  6. Tommye Ruth Blair Toler: “ I really enjoyed the February Town Crier.  David Dibb’s story about Moon Pies made me want to run out and buy one.  I haven’t eaten one in years.  David Ditto’s response about RC Cola was interesting as well.  And I loved Jim Monnig’s story about Hector.  These stories are very entertaining.”

  7. Debbie Ryan (RHS 1972)- “February was one of the best newsletters. That was a neat picture of you and Howard. Y’all look so young! I really love the story about Hector! Such a heart-warming story! “

  8. Clara Sue Griffis Arnsdorff: I feel for all of our classmates who are affected by the weather. Freezing rain and sleet are the worst culprits of the winter season. We have had our share of these here in NE. I am especially concerned about the loss of beautiful trees that can’t survive heavy ice coverings. The live oaks come to mind, and I hope that they are not heavily damaged.  
    I read with a heavy heart all the notifications of losses in our class. I pray all of you stay healthy this year. 

  9. Bev Murphy Wells: Really enjoy David Dibbs’ storytelling.  Quit a penman!  Keep them coming David!  His RC story reminded me of how Big Red got its name.  And Jim and Mimi’s story about Hector reminded me of my Hungarian Vizsla named Hogan (she was a girl dog, not a boy).  She had red fur and green eyes.  She passed in 2011 and I still miss her.  We learn so much from our pets. The picture of Howard and Jeanne is adorable…really happy days!  Love all the flashback memories and recollections, and Food for Thought didactics.   Hope it has warmed up in Texas!  

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