Waco Town Crier – August 2019

Here is the August 2019 edition of the Waco Town Crier

August Highlights

  • Our Class Officers … Then and Now
  • 20 Beach Towns to Visit This Summer
  • Important Information about Our 60th Reunion
  • August Birthdays
  • From Our Graduates
  • Updates
  • Medical Corner: The Foods We Eat Can Affect Your Brain and Aging
  • Show and Tell: Ken Baker
  • Humor

11 comments on “Waco Town Crier – August 2019

  1. Ken Young: (class of WHS 1962)
    “Thanks for letting me receive your email crier updates. I really enjoy reading and keeping up with so many of the class of ’60. Some might remember me and some not but it also is the same from my end. As the head of our class ’62 reunions for the last 30 years, it would be a pleasure if we could find someone to do what you do.”

  2. Pat Payne:
    “Learning about our classmates’ lives is a wonderful idea. Ken Baker is a GREAT Aggie I was proud to attend A&M with and had such a full life serving his country and his family. They don’t get any better than Ken and Scoot!”

  3. David Dibb:
    “Ken’s story made accounting almost sound interesting. My (4-year) Air Force career was spent in Laredo and Georgia.”

  4. Stan Lennard:
    What a class we had, and what wonderful lives have been led by so many. Heaven is being populated by those who have gone on to eternity with Jesus.
    My second book, which segues off my first, is now published through Xlibris. It is posted on Amazon and is entitled, The Boundless Love of God: A Holy Spirit Story. Should anyone read it please post your candid review on Amazon.

  5. Gayla Miller Webb:
    I have not responded to any of the Town Criers until now. That does not mean I have not enjoyed them. I sat quietly and read this life story of Ken and Scoot and remembered back to Calvary Baptist Church where Ken, David, Anitra, Phyllis and I were all regulars each Sunday. To fast forward through Ken’s life was so interesting. God blessed him with Scoot and all the parts of the world he was able to visit and live from Sea to Shining Sea.

    There are so many interesting stories among our classmates and to think how blessed we are to still be in contact and share our lives with each other.

    My life has been somewhat different than the Bakers but has been blessed in so many ways, also. I was the one following my husband and relocating our large group each time. The best of all is that no matter what each of our lives has been, we are still the WHS of 1960 and we have each other’s backs.

    Much love and Prayers for all of our classmates and let’s all pray for our sick friends and our beloved country.
    PS- Thanks to Bob, Ken, Jeanne, Glenn, and any others who have worked so hard to find the missing graduates. Sorry if I left someone out. My memory is 77 yrs. old.

  6. Jeanell Buida Bolton:
    “My news is that I flew to Tennessee for a family reunion and (GASP!) I was the oldest one there.🙃

  7. Tommye Ruth Blair Toler:
    “I really enjoyed reading about Ken Baker. He has had a very active and productive life. I hope Ken and Scoot will continue to enjoy themselves in their retirement.

    I’m glad Bob Easter is getting better and is now able to take a trip to see that new grandbaby. Hope he feels like coming to a WHS ’60 luncheon soon.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are ill or suffering the problems of aging. It reminds me to thank the Lord every day for my good health.”

  8. Richard Tooker:
    “Who called the boys who snuck into the bathrooms to smoke between classes “Cigarette Sucking Knotheads”?
    Answer: Thomas Ware, Principal, speaking over the P.A. system

  9. David Dibb:
    “Anita and I are on board with Bob’s diet encouragement. Just very recently got interested in (and committed to) a plant-based diet. All from reading a book that laid out all the evidence so it can’t be ignored. The book is “How Not to Die” (of about a dozen of the most common diseases killing Americans), by Michael Greger, M.D. 70-something is not too late to make some changes. I’ve already dropped the Blood Pressure med, and the “pre-diabetes” med and Saw Palmetto (for prostate) are next.”

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