Anne Montgomery (Nagle) Hart

Fellow graduates,

Always, when researching our graduates to inform them of a reunion, we learn of deaths.  Unfortunately this was the case with Anne Nagle.  Here is the link to her obit.

I have included her 1960 WHS pic along with pictures that were on the obit website.

Following the death of her husband, it sounds like Anne made quite a life for herself and quite an impact on others.  Her last known address was a 2015 Pensacola, Florida residence.

To quote David McPhail:  “I believe it significant that one of our school mates is buried in Arlington Cemetery.  Also, the fact that she had six children. Her husband was missing for years and she ‘worked’ for years to ensure that he was found.”

Thoughts & Prayers – Jack Martin

Jack Martin really needs your prayers and thoughts right now. Jack has recently learned that he has pancreatic cancer and is in need of surgery and chemo. Jack’s cancer is the type that can be operated on with a procedure called the Whipple. Jack’s Waco doctor has suggested that Jack have the surgery either in Dallas or Houston. Jack has chosen Dallas as his daughter lives there. Only 20% of pancreatic patients are eligible for this type of surgery as it can only involve patients who have cancer in the head of the pancreas that has not spread.

Please lift Jack up in prayer as well as his doctors as this is a very complicated surgery. I will give you more details as we learn more…but for the time being, please put Jack on all your prayer lists. He has not been feeling well and of course, with all the testing, has had to skip meals for each and every test. When one deprives Jack of food … that is like taking a bone away from a dog … Not a happy camper! We wanted to give Jack a good “Waco Welcome” but surely did not want him introduced to his doctors in this manner.

UPDATE: Jack Martin met today (January 18th) with the Dallas surgeon who specializes in performing the Whipple. The doctor told Jack that he is a candidate for this type surgery. Jack is scheduled for surgery on February 7th at 10:00 a.m. at the Methodist Liver Institute in Dallas. The surgery should take about 5 hours, the doctor will do it robotically, and Jack will have to remain in the hospital for approximately one week.

Please, everyone, keep Jack on the top of your prayers lists!

Jack said all the responses he has received from everyone is heartwarming. Keep up the good work, graduates. You are the best!

— Jeanne (Holland) Harman

Noah Appleton

I am sad to report the death of another one of our graduates.  Although Noah died in November, it was only published in the Waco paper today.

I do so hate to report deaths during the holiday season, but there really is no good time to report the passing of any graduate.  However, we can look back on the fun times and memories that were shared so long ago when we were all young.

Noah attended our reunion in 1985 – I have included a photo taken of him at that time.

Back in 1960, Noah was the Scarecrow in the Senior Chorus Production of  The Wizard of Oz.

Rest in peace, Noah.

— Jeanne Harman

Betty (Buckler) Thompson

Friends…..Christmastime does not always bring jolly news to everyone. Unfortunately, I have bad news for the Buckler family/friends and our classmates.

Our dear classmate, Betty (Buckler) Thompson, lost her battle with MS on December 22, about 9:00 a.m. Her loving husband and family were by her side. Tim, her husband, was holding her hand as she drew her last breath. Betty knew how much she was loved by him because as he was telling her of his love for her, she was able to gently squeeze his hand. What a way to go! Betty is being cremated and there will be a memorial service the first or second week of January. I will post the obit and details as they become available to me.

Since Tim (Lasseter) Latta moved to Ft. Worth, she had been able to visit with Betty and Tim about every other week. Those visits were enjoyed by all.

Please keep Betty’s dear family in your prayers.

— Jeanne Harman

Below are a few pictures with Betty that might bring back some memories.

5th grade May Fete at Crestview Elementary-
Betty Buckler is first row, first on the left 

6th grade at Crestview elementary: October 1953
Betty is third from the left on the top row
Others in the picture are: John Pearce, Anna Louise Logan, Margaret Baker, George Compton, Bob Willingham, Gaelyn Corbin
Sharon McCarthy, Ralph Gray, Leon Meadows, Karon Shinault, Donna Grisham, Randy Turner, Mary Ann Wilson, Barbara Williams, Randy Farrar 

5th grade at Crestview- Betty is at the blackboard on the left.
Other classmates pictured are Bob Willingham, Charlie Sligh, Mrs. McCarthy, Betty Luedeker, Poppy Early,
Sharon McCarthy, Linda Shelby, Roy Marlow, Gaelyn Corbin, Robert Boatman, Ralph Gray, John Pearce, Barbara Williams, Mary Ann Wilson 

Update: Graduates & Hurricane Harvey

Don McGown: is back home now after having to evacuate to his son’s Houston house.This is the latest that he sent to Pat: We had to walk several blocks through high water to get back to our house – and it is dry!!!  Praise God for His mercies.  The water came up to the front door, but it did not come into the house!  It has receded now about halfway down our driveway, and the heavy rain is over – so I think we are in the clear.  It will probably be 4 – 5 days before we can get out, but we that’s OK – we are home.  Thank you for all of your prayers.

David Walsworth:  I wasn’t on the original list, but I live in San Antonio and as reported by other class members, San Antonio “dodged” the proverbial bullet. We only had 2 inches of rain at our house. Windy conditions but not strong enough to do any damage at our place, and no loss of power. Remembering those still in harm’s way.

Hugh Wilfong told Pat Payne: As of yesterday, we are fine, dry in Austin.Our home in Houston is dry and we have power there. So far so good.

John Ferguson: Reporting from sun-splashed Galveston Island. At least, that’s what the Convention and Visitors Bureau would have me call it.

Galveston has so far escaped the really damaging winds. The incredible rain is another matter. It is expected that by Thursday, we will have received about 50 inches. Houston, with the same amount of rainfall, is experiencing catastrophic flooding. That whole city of five million people is at a standstill.

Galveston floods regularly, but only in the lower parts of the Island. The topography of Galveston (at least the 10-mile stretch behind the seawall) is one big slope. The highest point is atop the seawall, and the lowest point is in the historic district downtown. Water, whether coming from the Gulf or from heaven, immediately drains toward the lower bay side. If it’s high tide, or if there is a storm surge, that’s when the heavy flooding occurs. Galveston’s seawall, constructed after the devastating 1900 Storm, is 17 feet high. I live behind the seawall, just a few blocks from the beach. My front door is 14 feet above sea level, and I have never had any flooding issues on my property (knock wood). It must be pointed out, however, that as I write this, the Gulf Freeway (I-45) is flooded and for the most part closed, as are the approaches to both sides of the mainland causeway. The Bolivar Ferry is not in service, and the San Luis Pass Bridge dumps you into a flood plain. As Jim Maxwell so thoughtfully pointed out to me, I’m stranded. Even so, I’m in a magic bubble. I have electricity, working plumbing, air conditioning, telephone, Internet and cable. The ice machine continues to spit out cubes. It’s only a short walk to Kroger. All things considered, I’m pretty lucky. After 51 years in this magical place, and in spite of the periodic inconvenience of storms, I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Sand between your toes, and all that.

Tell everyone that John says hey.

Gwen Ewing Hodges: My son and family are under mandatory evacuation orders in Ft Bend Co.  Please pray for safety of them and all Houstonians!  Thanks!

Cathy White Land is safe and dry.

Anitra Harrell Henrion is safe and dry.

Gayla Miller Webb: Water is over the curb at their Houston home…..and if they can make it through tonight, she thinks their house will be okay.  She and Rodney are still in Fairfield.

Randy Farrar: (Corpus Christi)- reports no damage to his house.

From Scott Horne: The sheer size of this catastrophe is beyond comprehension. On our TV, the phenomenal number of rescues by just volunteers with their personal boats of all kinds is helping but not anywhere near what is needed…flooding is still in every street and neighborhood and apartment unit. Hundreds out of town guys have come here from many cities and states in their pickups pulling boats…just to help. Many have no place to stay but are just winging it however they have to. There are many, many areas and subdivisions that are still unreachable with many trapped people, kids, and animals. Water levels are going up in most areas, down in some areas, or staying the same but very deep in still others. Some people  just rescued in their areas say there are still 100’s “back in there” that still need help…old,  young, sick, invalid, etc. It just seems never ending…

We are still marooned in about 6 square blocks with flooding even though the heavy rains have stopped. A few local stores opened until their goods and food ran out, and more supplies can’t get to them for resupply.

Don’t know what you are seeing on your TV, but realize the situations are far worse than what they show. Now Far East Texas and La. are getting hammered by Harvey, so it’s all continuing for more days and weeks.

Again, we are ok. But thousands of others have lost their homes, cars, and all they once owned. Everything. Poor, rich, and all in between…no one is immune to these kinds of floods. Many had no flood insurance, of course, but even if they did, they are now being told the payout limit is $250K, no where near what is needed many cases. Many very wealthy people here did not know this and are outraged. Seems like very few knew that beyond that limit, they needed private insurance. Just saying…no one could have anticipated this size of a natural disaster in this country, so obviously most were totally unprepared financially or emotionally for this scope of catastrophe.

Hurricane Harvey & Our Graduates

From Jeanne Harman …

Good news from some of our graduates who have been “in harm’s way”.  Thank you so much for sharing your updates!!

Robert ‘Little Red’ Wilson (San Antonio) as of Sunday afternoon: Still good– few limbs broken, 5 inches of rain. No flooding in my area yet.
Scott Horne  (Houston)– as of Sunday afternoon: Experiencing huge rain downpours but remain dry and with power. Heavy rain is continuing. We probably could not get out of our neighborhood but have no plans or need to go anywhere. So far, our immediate families in Houston (Woodlands, Cypress) are fine and staying in their homes. 12+ inches rain overnight and today in our N Houston area.
Carolyn Wolf Lloyd (Round Rock) as of Sunday afternoon: I’m okay here in Round Rock. The retention pond behind my house is doing its job. Have not lost power at all so far. I’ve been listening to 740 KTRH on iHeart radio. They’ve been broadcasting nonstop since 11am Friday. Doing an amazing job with “telephone radar.” People calling in from all over the area to give updates about water situation in their locations. Praying for those in Houston now and for the very long recovery ahead. Also for those along the rivers in Bastrop, Lee and Hays counties. Flooding in those areas now. Harvey, the Horrible can’t leave too soon.
Carol Hodges Bright (Houston): Thank you for your concern and prayers.  My husband and I are doing fine so far.  We live fairly close to Cypress Creek, but it looks like we will make it thorough without flooding.  Our prayers are with those less fortunate.
Anitra Harrell Henrion(Cypress): I am fine so far. I have had about 15 or 16 inches of rain with more to come. I heard from Cathey (White Land) today and she also is ok so far. We’ve really been lucky

Gayla Miller Webb (Katy): Gayla has spoken with her neighbor who says all is fine with Gayla’s house so far; however, the street is covered in water so things can always change very quickly.
Malissa Starnes Baugh: Our daughter and family are safe so far but bayou behind their home is rising!  Electricity off yesterday but back on now!  Hope they are smart enough to stay put!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurricane Harvey Update

From Jeanne Harman …

I realize that every moment can be a different story….one minute all is okay and the next minute, one can be flooded.  If you hear of the condition of any of our graduates, please inform me so I can pass along the information.

Scott Horne (Houston) as of yesterday afternoon at 4:20 p.m.: Just for your information, our house and immediate area have consistently been BETWEEN the storm bands, meaning very little rain and low winds so far for us. I know many others have been less fortunate, but we are safe and dry and are not part of the heavy damage you are probably seeing on TV for Houston.

Robert “Little Red” Wilson (San Antonio) as of about 3:30 yesterday afternoon: All ss fine – had only about 1½” of rain at that time but 10″ of rain are expected Sunday and Monday.

Jim Monnig ( Jim’s second home in Port Aransas): As of this morning, Jim’s house is fine according to his neighbors.

Pat Payne heard from Don McGown early this morning.  Don lives in Houston and went to Waco Schools until High School. 

Don McGown (Houston): Things are not looking too good right now.  We were not hurt yesterday afternoon by the tornado that touched down about a couple of miles or so from our house – so that was a great blessing.  We did lose power, but only for a couple of hours.

However, it looks very likely that our house is going to flood.  Our street is now a river, and the water is rising.  The rains are expected to continue for another 3 days.  Unfortunately, our lot is very flat; our house is not much higher than the street.  So, it seems like it will only be a matter of a few hours before the water reaches us.  Please pray for us.

Bob Easter (Austin): No electricity this morning on our street and several streets behind our home. Neighbors across the street have lights. They are on a different circuit. Not sure when we will have it restored. High winds will not allow repairs due to the danger. Figure later today maybe.

Gayla Miller Webb has evacuated Katy.

Hugh Wilfong has evacuated Houston.

The condition of their homes is not known at this time.

Thoughts & Prayers

From Jeanne Harman …

Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers as they may be affected by Hurricane Harvey. I know some have evacuated but we pray for their homes and belongings to be safe. Forgive me if I have overlooked anyone. I am not on Facebook so I am not privy to reports regarding any of these people. Please keep me in the loop regarding everyone’s safety.

Bill Bishop- Bandera, Tx
Jeri Anne Boren Guyton- San Antonio, Tx
Ronald Boulware- Conroe, Tx
Lucy Caperton Nelson- Conroe, Tx
Frank Connally- Houston, Tx
Cynthia Copeland Studenko- Katy Tx
Randy Farrar- Corpus Christi, Tx
Rodger Felt and Delind Kirkpatrick Felt- Houston, Tx
John Ferguson- Galveston, Tx
Luann Hanna Lund- San Antonio, Tx
Anitra Harrell Henrion- Cypress, Tx
Douglas Harris- Houston, Tx
Phillips Hay- Kingsland, Tx
David Herbert- San Antonio, Tx
Carol Hodges Bright- Houston, Tx
Scott Horne- Tomball, Tx
Leland Howard- Houston, Tx
Ken Lipscomb- El Campo, Tx
Jim McDonald- Wimberley, Tx
Charlotte Suttle Kleibrink- Spring, Tx
Gayla Miller Webb- Katy, Tx – has evacuated
Jim Monnig- San Antonio, Tx (second home in Port Aransas)
John Moon Mullen- San Antonio, Tx
Robert Marcus Otterstad- Houston, Tx
Sammy Owens- Kerrville, Tx
Mary Pack Hogan- Houston, Tx
Roy Don Phillips- Kerrville, Tx
John Schwetman- Huntsville, Tx
Linda Smith Uhlenhoff- Katy, Txs
John Tutt – San Antonio, Tx
Cathy White Land- Houston, Tx
Hugh Wilfong- Houston, Tx
Robert “Little Red” Wilson- San Antonio, Tx