Waco Town Crier – January 2023

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and may you have a safe, happy and healthy New Year! Christmas was rather a deep freeze for a lot of us so hopefully no one had any burst pipes or loss of electricity.

Most of our new year’s resolutions are usually just good intentions, so…

“May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions!”
– Joey Adams

And here is your January issue of the Waco Town Crier. Topics this month are:

  • My Thoughts for You
  • From our Graduates and Friends
  • Additional Info about the Jim Rankin Story
  • Whatever Happened to … RC Cola
  • Did You Know …
  • Updates
  • Pictures
  • Humor
  • Now Here’s An Idea
  • Food For Thought in 2023

9 comments on “Waco Town Crier – January 2023

  1. Malissa Ruth Starnes Baugh: “I love how so many classmates take the time to respond to the information! The pictures are priceless and so enjoyable to see those dear classmates. ”

  2. Betty Barkley Flowers:” It’s always fun to read what all is happening to WHS ’60. Hilarious that Pat Payne sky-dived at our age!  Incredible story about the woman with Parkinson’s jumping!”

  3. Clara Sue Griffis Arnsdorff: Enjoyed the news—and want you to know how much I enjoyed the update on Jim Rankin—as someone said ‘wrong place at the wrong time’. I look forward to the updates from everyone, and really enjoy the pictures from the luncheons. I especially enjoy the ‘pearls of wisdom’ at the end.

    We have had a rough winter in NE—very cold weather the end of Dec. Hopefully those below zero days are gone and won’t be repeated in 2023.  

  4. Betty Barkley Flowers: “I have just watched this & it’s just SO beautiful! I loved, loved seeing all the wonderful animals & gorgeous scenery & voices. Please tell Terrell how much I enjoyed it as I do not have his email address.
    Happy New Year to all of our WHS 60’s friends….”

  5. Malissa Ruth Starnes Baugh: “Absolutely beautiful!!!  What a voice to bring in 2023!!  Thank you, dear Terrell, for sharing!!!”

  6. Bev Murphy Wells: Beautiful!  Wish we could carry our hopes and well wishes to everyone all the year through!  Really appreciate Terrell sending the video!  Uplifting which we all need right now! Thank you Terrell!

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