Waco Town Crier – January 2022

Note from Jeanne Harman:

It is hard to believe that 2021 is behind us and 2022 is here.

Stay safe out there in 2022 as Covid is still with us. I know of two graduates’ families who had some members come down with Covid during the holiday season. Those are Gayla Miller Webb and Nena Hunt Wallace. As far as I know, all members had fairly mild cases as they had been vaxxed and boosted. Maybe in 2022 we can get this terrible pandemic behind us. It will be good to see COVID in our rearview mirror and all of us able to live a normal life again.

Stay safe, have a happy 2022, and keep sharing any interesting item or picture with the Town Crier for others to enjoy.

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  • From Our Graduates
  • Updates
  • January Birthdays
  • A Neat Idea
  • A Good Memory
  • Things Your Parents Had That You Never See Today
  • Pictures
  • Humor
  • Quotes from Will Rogers

2 comments on “Waco Town Crier – January 2022

  1. Larry Thomas: “Enjoyed both Linda (Mckee)’s dog story and the insight into Abbott and the Holland family history. Reminded me of a wedding I went to in the late sixties. It started about noon at a Catholic Church and ended about midnight after most of the people of Abbott brought some of the best food along with the traditional wedding dance and Music.”

  2. Bev Murphy Wells: “I laughed so hard at Linda’s story! She should forward her story to Readers Digest! Even though Draco seems to be the culprit in the story…you can’t help but fall in love with him. I’m sure Linda’s professor did too!
    Loved the memories of your grandparents, too. My grandfather was also born in 1886, but sadly didn’t live but to age 76. He served in WW1. Your grandparents (as mine) were truly the backbone of this country and what it stands for…hard work, honesty and upright living. I know those memories bring happy thoughts (and maybe a few sad) and memories you can be thankful for. God bless our families who have gone before us!”

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