Waco Town Crier – July 2020


Jeanne Harman has created a July issue that’s bursting with news and information.  Click here to read it


  • Pandemic Habits for Future Use
  • Regarding Allan Myers
  • Updates
  • Regarding the 1957 West Junior Yellow Jacket Journal
  • From Our Graduates
  • A Neat Idea
  • More from West Junior Jackets Journal
  • Medical Corner
  • Unhealthy Habits You Might Be Making
  • Show & Tell Featuring Carolyn Wolf Lloyd
  • July Birthdays
  • Pictures
  • Some Humor

7 comments on “Waco Town Crier – July 2020

  1. Linda Phelps McKee: “So many of our classmates have traveled all over the world. Really makes me jealous and very dull.”

  2. Tommye Ruth Blair Toler: “Carolyn Wolf Lloyd’s story was great. She has led a very full life. I envy all her travels.”

  3. Betty Luedeker Gatlin:” I ran into Carolyn a number of years back. Her choir came and sang at our Garden Club. They were very good and I was surprised to see a familiar face from many years back.”

  4. Linda Shelby Lyons: I really enjoyed the July Town Crier and Carolyn Wolf Lloyd’s story. She has had a great life and has seen so many places. She is so pretty and looks much younger than her age.

  5. John Ferguson: “Even though I have been unable to participate in person, reading about people and events through the Town Crier reaffirms for me the fact that we are a very special bunch of people who continue to make a difference in this world.”

  6. Bev Murphy Wells: Really enjoyed Carolyn Wolf Lloyd’s Show and Tell! And, you’re right, she is one if the nicest people you’ll ever know! She has led an exciting life! Also, congrats to Lynette and Jarod on their 60th anniversary. Again, two very special people! What a blessing it is to have so many wonderful and talented people in our class!

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