Jackets Journal – May 30, 1957

Jeanne Harman received this from Joe Riley.  Even if you did not attend West Junior, you most likely will recognize several of the names mentioned.  Enjoy. This memorabilia is 63 years old!   Thank you, Joe.  

We celebrate the fact that the members of our Waco High School Class of 1960 came from different Junior High Schools. That blending of people and personalities gave all of us opportunities to expand our friendships and even our views of “our worlds,” such as they were at the time.

This morning, while searching through a file box of old photos and keepsakes, looking for a particular photo,  I ran across my copy of the West Junior High School  “Jackets Journal, May 30, 1957.”

It is 12 pages in length; and like a time capsule, it is fun and interesting, especially the final pages, 9-12, naming all the seniors under “PROPHECY   1970 – WHAT WILL IT BE.”

Thanks to Margaret Baker, Paul Constantine, Jeannine McGinnis, Jack Martiin, Hugh Wilfong and Ralph Klatt, as the authors.

Click on the image to open the Journal in a new window.

8 comments on “Jackets Journal – May 30, 1957

  1. Ken Baker: “Thanks for passing the West Junior Journal on to our Waco High bunch, and thanks to Joe for sharing.  As I read through the journal, it brought back many wonderful memories of classmates and activities from those exciting days of yore.  I was reared in the small town of Kerens, where I only had 25 classmates.  My family moved to Waco in the summer before my ninth grade at West Junior.  West was such a wonderful place to go to school…thanks to all my classmates….”

  2. Penne Percy Peacock: “Oh wow!  Right down memory lane.  Thanks for sharing Jeanne and Joe.  On West Junior… “

  3. Mickey Lavy: “What a great “cocoon” ride. Any North Junior Eagles gotta machine like this?  Heck, we don’t even have a building. Oh well, I honk and wave when I pass by 25th and Cumberland, a big empty lot.” 

  4. Bev Murphy Wells: Looks like West Jr fulfilled theIr prophecy in various spheres even though we’ve had to bid adieu to some.  Virtual applause to all of them! Thanks, Joe, for sharing!

  5. Tommye Burch Toler: I finally sat down and read the Jackets Journal.  I don’t recall ever seeing it before.  I went to West Jr. and I recognize many of the names mentioned.  The authors had a big imagination. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

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