Waco Town Crier – April 2020

Here’s the April 2020 edition of the Waco Town Crier

  • Coronovirus
  • From the Editor – Update on Richard Tooker
  • Coronavirus Feedback
  • Regarding David Walsworth
  • Important Message from David Rosen
  • April Birthdays
  • Medical Corner
  • On Decluttering from Judith Hampff Murphy
  • On Decluttering from David Dibb
  • From Our Graduates
  • Updates
  • Show & Tell: Bill Alexander
  • Pictures
  • Food For Thought
  • Jokes

3 comments on “Waco Town Crier – April 2020

  1. Pat Payne: Bill, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the adventures of your life! We have friends here in Naples who met in Africa while with the Peace Corp. One of their sons is with the American Embassy and is currently stationed in Ghana. If my memory serves me correctly we had a nice chat on the last day of our last reunion. So happy you shared your story in the Town Crier. What a life you and Rosemary have shared!

  2. Crozier Brown – Enjoyed supremely Bill’s life story. Yet another shining star in the crown of WHS60!

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