David Peeples – January 4, 2020

Jeanne Harman wrote:  

We have had a true warrior just lose his battle with leukemia today.  David Peeples died around noonish on January 4th.

David was ready—he was so tired of being in pain.  He hesitated to take too much pain medicine because it made him loopy, he said.

I saw him on Wednesday night, trying to get him to take pain medicine but he wanted to watch the Baylor Sugar Bowl game instead.  (Men and their football!).

The nurse was to give him some pain meds as soon as the game was over.

David and Janie McPhail were there about 11:30 but I have not spoken with them since they saw David.

Anyone who was keeping in touch with David knows how he was ready to be out of pain.  It was so difficult for David to give up control though, as he had always been so independent.  At least, David is no longer suffering.

14 comments on “David Peeples – January 4, 2020

  1. Bob Easter: “This is so sad. I have prayed knowing he would not make it but asked for other help in his suffering and pain. Losing lifelong friends leaves a hole in the heart which cannot heal even with passing of time, but faith pushes me on. Prayer helps connect to each one during long periods of treatment yet standing at their grave gives me hope we shall meet again and thankful for the way they lived life and accepted the path and death with dignity. They teach us the strength and beauty of their character without saying a word.”

  2. Malissa Starnes Baugh: “Bless his heart!!! He was so brave and positive for so long! May dear David finally rest in peace!”

  3. Crozier Brown: “Good that he’s free from pain and suffering. Sad and difficult for those left behind as our numbers are steadily shrinking one by one.”

  4. Cynthia Kirkland Mazza: “Five months ago when I learned David had leukemia and I had leukemia, I called him. After that, every day since that time we text or talked. We were sharing a journey of survival. We laughed, we cried, we prayed and I sent him pics of Frank and family, my crazy chemo costuming. He shared his life and I shared mine. Have not seen him but once since graduating but it was such a strong connection we shared many miles apart. We prayed many times for the Lord to take him home and he even joked “I don’t care if I even have a tent as long as it is inside the gate”. I asked if he knew Jesus as his savior and he said yes but I haven’t been religious. I shared what my faith talked about heaven and after seeing Jesus, we would see our loved ones. I told him Patsy (his special needs sister will be so happy to see you). David was so good to her. David told me last week “I am on my way, and I will be waiting for ‘ya, kid”. I am relieved he isn’t suffering but will surely miss our communication over last few months. But my heart hurts too😢”

  5. Bev Murphy Wells: “So sorry to hear about David Peeples! He put up a good fight! So glad he’s not suffering any more. Just wish Baylor had won for him! He’s at peace now!”

  6. Pam Prickette Tucker (class of 1961): “You described David so well. Indeed his “smile“, his “sheepish little grin” will be missed as well as his gentle soul. I have had so many responses from those who did not know of David’s death and the length of his illness. Have also received many emails…David was so well thought of…”gentleman”, “great guy”, “great friend”, “ wonderful person”….just a few adjectives used to describe him.”

  7. Sandra Wooten Overhouser: Thanks so much for keeping those of us out of Texas informed about David’s passing and services. I have had a hard time wrapping my head around his loss. He was always so nice to me. Such a kind and gentle person. I wondered how he could play football so well. He has always had a special place in so many lives.

  8. Bev Murphy Wells: Thank you for allowing those of us who couldn’t be at David’s service a virtual bird’s eye view. Your sharing is so very important and it is greatly appreciated! It sounds like his service turned out just how David wanted it. I’m sure he was enjoying it from his point of view.

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