Erik “Rik” Spencer – June 12, 2019

Fellow graduates, with much surprise and sorrow I report that Erik “Rik” Spencer passed on June 12th. This one is REALLY a surprise as I have been working with Rik the past month regarding the July Show and Tell segment for the upcoming issue of the Town Crier. Rik had already given his seal of approval for the segment just days ago. Who ever dreamed this would happen!!! Rik was a pastor who surely knew his final destination. No one had any idea it would be this soon!!!

Only a little while ago did I receive this email from Bev Wells, who is a good friend of both Rik and Judy.

“Some sad news, Rik (Erik) Spencer passed away this morning. He just turned 77 on June 6. Will send more details as I learn them. Please keep Judy (wife) and son, Frank, in your thoughts and prayers.
Rik and Judy were/are dear friends to me. I will miss Rik and his funny emails. The three of us would have lunch about the same time the class had their lunches. We would catch up and reminisce. What great memories!
Thank you for sharing with the class,
Bev Murphy Wells”

Some pictures of Rik enjoying our 55th Class Reunion at the Phoenix Ballroom, Waco TX


7 comments on “Erik “Rik” Spencer – June 12, 2019

  1. From Robert Wilson: “Surprise is correct. I had wished him a happy birthday, which was the 6th and received a thank you from him and now this, wow. These days we all need to be ready. Yes he was ready and now is with Jesus.”

  2. From Cynthia Kirkland Mazza: “Goodness, loved that guy in high school so much. A gentlemen, thoughts and prayers to his family.”

  3. From Malissa Starnes Baugh: Oh, my!!! This is all so very sad. We are losing so many classmates. Prayers for the Spencer family. What a guy!!

  4. From Tommye Blair Toler: Sad indeed. I’m so sorry to hear this news. We must use today wisely because tomorrow is promised to no one.

  5. From Joe Riley: I remember visiting with Rik at our reunion. We reminisced about some good times together, out at my farm. The sadness continues for all of us as we mark our classmates’ passings.

  6. From Bev Murphy Wells: I went to Rik Spencer’s Celebration of Life on June 29. The Greenwood Presbyterian Church sanctuary held 204 people and it was packed and there was standing room only in the foyer. Rik had been Associate Pastor at the Greenwood church for 11 years. He had retired from that church and was currently pastoring another church in Boggstown so there were other representatives from other churches where he had pastored too. Rik tried to retire several times but he kept stepping up to the plate when he was called back. After the service, there
    were snacks/drinks served. Rik always loved coming back to the Greenwood church on Sundays for all the snacks. Judy knew our class’s thoughts and prayers were with her.

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