Tom Murphy, husband of Judith Hamff Murphy

Judith Hamff Murphy informed Facebook that her beloved husband, Tom, died on Friday, March 15th. Here was her post:

“Last Friday afternoon I lost my dear husband Tom. The last 10 months have been rough for Tom, nevertheless he was looking forward to the prospects of a new heart device to buy himself some more good, active years–but it was not to be.

Tom enjoyed life at its fullest. He played singles tennis into his 70s, loved the beach and the sun, enjoyed almost all performance arts and museums all over the world. In our retirement years we were fortunate to travel to six continents and 50 states. He was a life-long UT-Longhorn, graduating in 1964. We attended the local alumni gatherings for many years.

Tom was a poster guy for heart disease meets modern medical technology. He had a quadruple bypass when he was 48, a heart attack at 53, various stents and angiograms. For the past 15 years he has had implanted defibrillation devices. Of course, various pharmaceuticals were part of his life too. He had several close calls–but Friday afternoon his time ran out. Jason, Rachel and I were with him when he died.”

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