Sissie (Blair) Shandalow Needs Your Feedback

We have had requests to use different locales for our luncheon. Our last luncheon we discussed having the luncheon every other month instead of quarterly and the majority were in favor of this.

Please let me know your opinions on the following:

1. STAY – continue to meet at Casa de Castillo
2. ALTERNATE – Go to another location every other month
3. STOP – No longer go to Casa de Castillo

If you no longer want to go to Casa, please send me suggestions for other locations. Any other place we go needs to have a room to accommodate us.

Also, if you know of any of our classmates who still reside in the Waco area but do not attend our luncheons, if possible contact them and encourage them to attend. We have such a terrific time – lots of visiting and catching up.

Again please let me know your thoughts,
Love, Sissie

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