Scott Horne – January 12, 2019

I am sorry to report that Scott Horne passed away this morning.

I received an email from his wife bearing the news. Paula said Scott did not want a funeral but instead, there will be a small gathering in Waco sometime the end of the month or the first of next month. She will be back in touch with me regarding the particulars. Paula said that Scott’s body would be at Waco Memorial in the mausoleum. I will inform you as soon as I become aware of all the plans.

Please remember this family with your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for them. As you are aware, Scott had been ill for quite some time but it is never easy for the final good-bye.

13 comments on “Scott Horne – January 12, 2019

  1. “Scott was one of the nicest guys around. So sorry to hear this. Our numbers are getting smaller every week!”
    — Gwen Ewing Hodges

  2. “Scott was such a nice guy. With my maiden name being Holland, the teachers usually made us sit in alphabetical order; therefore, Scott and I often were placed by one another when in the same classroom. He was always a class act!”
    — Jeanne Holland Harman

  3. “I have wonderful memories of Scott. Went 1st thru 12th with him. We knew it was coming but still so sad.”
    — Crozier Brown

  4. “Scott and I got to know one another at the age of 3 when we became neighbors on Homan Avenue. When Scott was ill, I sent him this picture of the two of us sitting on my front porch as I thought Scott might enjoy being reminded of how we met. It turned out he did not need reminding of our friendship as children, as he said I was his first-ever genuine friend. He said his mother told him many stories throughout his entire life of the two of us playing together through kindergarten. I thought our graduates might also enjoy seeing this photo.”
    — Kay Phillips Sparks

  5. “Jeanne, thank you for forwarding the sad news about Scott. You and the faithful WHS classmates who communicate and keep us together are very much appreciated. You sent out a note a month or so ago informing us about Scott’s failing health and provided contact information. As a result I sent Scott a note recalling our time playing baseball together when Scott pitched and I was his catcher. Not only did we play at WHS but also in the summer leagues in Waco. Scott lived three doors down from my grandparents on Live Oak. My parents and his sat together at many a baseball game. Scott replied to my email and was so happy to hear from all his WHS classmates who reached out to him. He was overwhelmed by the number of people who contacted him. This really does make a difference Jeanne and just wanted you and the team to know you are making a difference in our lives by rejuvenating our memories of the people who we grew up with. Below is a picture of our 1960 WHS baseball team which won both District and Bi-District with Ed Knipper as our coach.
    Pat Payne

  6. Scott Horne Memorial Service
    It was a cold, damp, truly winter day on February 9 at the Memorial Service for Scott Horne. Several graduates from Waco High attended:
    Ken and Scoot Baker, David and Janie McPhail, Jan Massengale Foster (class of 1961) Charlie Sligh, Kay Phillips Sparks and Ralph Sparks (class of 1959), Joe Riley and Jeanne Harman. We heard some very sweet and some very funny stories about Scott. It was obvious Scott’s family was very proud of him and devoted to him. We, as graduates, also have great memories of Scott. As I told Scott’s sons: Scott and I always were placed near one another as teachers would sit us in alphabetical order. Holland preceded Horne so I usually sat in front of him. He was always the perfect gentleman, never pulled my hair…. as some others used to do-(not implying the “others” were not gentlemen). Scott just appeared to me as being very serious and focused. RIP, Scott.
    – Jeanne Harman

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