Missing Classmates

Help us find our
Missing Classmates

as of as of 10/20/2015 , we have an address for all of our classmates.

Research necessary to find one missing Classmate

    Physical Location Research:

  1. Marriage Records at McLennan County Court House. Usually for female classmates only. Finding spouse helps in later internet research.
  2. Court Records at McLennan County Court House for business or other court records, divorce, etc.
  3. Waco Public Library or State of Texas Library at Austin. Old City Directories
  4. Waco Public Library in archives of Waco News Tribune and Waco Times Herald old microfilm newspapers
  5. Internet Searches:

  6. Full legal name required. Graduation List of Waco High 1960 is very helpful.
  7. Classmate’s clues; Town Crier; Tiger Tales, WHS60.org web site list of missing. Clues by classmates help narrow the search.
  8. Past Waco High School Reunion directories
  9. Birth records of classmates and siblings for McLennan County Texas, years 1930-1947.
  10. Siblings of Classmates who might be on Facebook or other internet sites
  11. Google and Yahoo
  12. Facebook
  13. Obituaries for parents. Obit usually lists the siblings and close family members. Excellent source for female classmates who may have married for second time. Obits contain other info, towns, etc
  14. Spouse obituaries
  15. Social Security Death Index
  16. Genealogy research on Ancestery.com (requires paid membership). This site list additional cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews,
  17. People Finders ( requires paid membership and fee for per member full listing report)
  18. State of Texas License holder; Lawyers; Real Estate Brokers; Doctors; or other professional licenses.
  19. Family research includes; Siblings; children of Classmates;
  20. University Alumni
  21. Police or Sheriff officers in small towns
  22. Postmasters in small towns
  23. Ex-Spouses
  24. Past Employers HR Departments
  25. Returned letter from post office which list new forwarding address
  26. Political Organizations
  27. Property Tax Records

If you know any addresses of the missing classmates, contact Bob Easter by email or phone 512-346-1692. Let's keep this list blank.