History of Waco High

[The following was taken from the August 1945 Waco High School Handbook.]

Central High School - Waco, TX

The first home of Waco High School, or Central High as it was then called, was on the lot at Fourth and Webster streets in the early 1880's. There were two buildings, and one had formerly been the Episcopal church with the bell still in the tower. This was the only public school building west of the Brazos.

In 1886-1887, these were replaced by a brick building, and in 1911, at Thanksgiving time, the new building on Columbus Avenue was ready for occupancy. Since then wings have been added to it and a building constructed as an auditorium and gymnasium. The old Baker residence, across the street, was purchased in 1942 for the use of bands and orchestras.



In the 1970s, it moved to a new location on the corner of North 19th and College Drive, which is now the campus of McLennan Community College. then there was a consolidated/merger in 1986, between three old area high schools (Jefferson-Moore Lions, Richfield Rams and the "old" Waco High School Tigers) that makes up what is now the "new" Waco High School.

Keeping the traditions alive from all three schools was no easy task. So, a vote was taken to take something from each school.

The pride from all of the old schools is still alive in one form or another. The Richfield Rams, the Waco Tigers, and the "J-MO" Lions are now one: Waco High School.

School Song

Waco High School has its own school song "Spirit of Waco High," the words of which are on this page. The spirit of the Waco High School is one of the things that makes it an outstanding school. Your task is to continue to improve this spirit. It is an attitude of desiring to work as you realize that nothing of value can be secured without real effort on your part. It is the idea of loyalty to our democratic government and respect for the rights of your fellow pupils and others. It involves a courtesy that is real and that is shown at home, in the class room, on the athletic field, and outside of the school on all occasions. The true spirit of Waco High School may be summed up in these words:



Waco Tigers Fight!
Waco Tigers Fight!
Waco Tigers Fight!

(Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap)

Fight Go, White Gold
Waco Tigers Fight Go
White Gold, Waco Tigers Fight!